Women practicing yoga may promote sexual harmony

Modern people are like well-trained warriors. Even in sex, they mostly do “formally” but neglect to invest more “love”. Recently, the United States “Prevention” magazine invited sex experts and clinicians to summarize some tips, through repeated practice, can help couples to rejuvenate sexual vitality.

Even before going to bed every night, 10-15 minutes of high-quality communication with your partner. Verbal communication is an effective and long-lasting “provocative agent” that can increase the sexual intimacy of couples. The content of the dialogue is all-encompassing, but it must be positive and positive. You can also read a couple of books you are reading, preferably love novels, to make each other’s brains permeate love “cells”.

Use a pen to record the five physical characteristics you are most satisfied with. A report published by a Finnish scholar in “Sexual Studies” shows that being proud of one’s body is an important factor in achieving perfect sex. Women who are satisfied with their body are more eager for sex.

Practice yoga to relax your emotions. Some simple yoga poses, such as tree style, cobra style, down dog style, bridge style, shoulder stand, etc., can relieve tension. In female sex, the brain unconsciously associates with many chores. Through yoga practice, they can help them concentrate, focus on sex, and gain multiple pleasures physically and mentally. These poses can also enhance the flexibility and flexibility of the hip muscles, promote blood circulation in the vagina, and better achieve sexual harmony.

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