WHO reveals the truth behind the mutated virus, Britain cannot escape responsibility

According to media reports recently, in recent days, the World Health Organization held a conference on the new crown virus. During the meeting, the head of the relevant WHO department said in an interview with reporters that British scientific researchers have discovered a new mutant virus, which has a stronger transmission ability than the original virus. Many, this news has not only attracted the attention of the United Kingdom, but also the WHO. After getting the news, the WHO immediately launched a study on it.

The person in charge of the WTO stated that after studying the virus, researchers have discovered a new mutant virus. In addition, the World Health Organization conducted a retrospective analysis of confirmed cases in southeast England. The final result is really surprising. In the previous September, some viruses have mutated.

According to sources, the British Prime Minister only announced the discovery of the mutant virus to the world last week. Afterwards, the United Kingdom provided a report on the mutated virus to the WHO.

According to the current research report of the World Health Organization and the time when the mutant virus was discovered in the UK, it shows that the UK has hidden the mutant virus from the world for three months. Just as the outside world guessed, the whole world was deceived by Britain.

The mutated virus has existed in the UK for such a long time, it is impossible not to find it in the UK. But we can see from the actions of Britain. Now that the virus has reached a situation beyond the control of the United Kingdom, it was forced to report to the World Health Organization.

Unexpectedly, after the relevant person in charge of the WHO just revealed the truth about the British mutant virus, the UK was immediately pushed to the forefront of public opinion. There are condemnations from various countries for the British concealing the mutant virus and failing to report it.

It is normal for various countries to have such a reaction, and the spread and spread of mutant viruses is not a trivial matter. The severity of the incident is far beyond imagination.

It can be seen from the attitude and actions of the UK facing the mutant virus during this period of time. The epidemic in the UK is now very serious. A mutant virus followed closely. As a result, the number of confirmed cases in the UK has skyrocketed. In this case, the UK is still actively fighting the epidemic.

If there is a new epidemic before that, it will sweep the UK. Moreover, the United Kingdom has not formulated an epidemic prevention plan with neighboring countries. There is no strict domestic control. There is no doubt that the number of confirmed cases in this country can only increase.

It now appears that Britain deliberately concealed the real time when the mutant virus appeared. The trouble this stupid practice has brought to Britain has begun to become prominent. It is not only Britain itself that is affected by this policy. European countries are at risk of rapid mutation and virus invasion.

At present, this mutant virus has become popular in the UK. The infection and infection rate of the mutant virus is as high as 70% compared to the original virus. It now shows that people are more likely to be infected. It is estimated that the severe domestic epidemic in the UK cannot be effectively controlled for the time being.

Not only the United Kingdom, but many European countries such as Italy and Germany. They also announced the discovery of a suspected British mutant virus. Although many countries have announced the prohibition of entry of British travelers. But now it seems that this mutant virus is still continuing to spread.

If the UK discovers the mutant virus, it will immediately notify the WHO, and issue a warning to the whole world, actively carry out prevention and control work, and actively respond with other countries.

I dare not say that there is no impact at all, but the impact can be minimized. It now appears that the epidemic is slowly out of control. It’s too late.

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