WHO: An effective coVID-19 vaccine could be available by the end of the year

While there is no firm timetable for the delivery of an effective novel coronavirus (NOVEL CORonavirus) vaccine, a vaccine candidate may be available by the end of the year for novel Coronavirus, the WORLD Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday.

At a press conference, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebrev said that although there is still no effective coVID-19 vaccine, cautious optimism should be maintained.
Who has fully communicated with the industry on future vaccine capacity and called on it to plan so that in the future, technology transfer or outsourcing can significantly increase vaccine supply and effectively ensure equitable distribution.

Referring to the second COVID-19 Global Research Forum, which concluded on Tuesday under the auspices of WHO, Tedros said that the forum brought together nearly 1,300 COVID-19 researchers and experts from 93 countries and regions to share research methods and raw data free of charge, demonstrating the global scientific community’s solidarity in the fight against coVID-19.

Dr. Tedros announced that the WHO-led CoVID-19 Solidarity Trial has so far recruited about 5,500 patients from 39 countries and territories, and that preliminary results will be available in the next two weeks.

Michael Ryan, who’s executive director of emergency programmes, said there was no firm timetable for the delivery of coVID-19 vaccine.
While initial trial data on some vaccine candidates are promising, it is still impossible to predict which vaccine will be fully effective clinically.

While novel Coronavirus vaccine candidates may show promise by the end of the year, the real question is whether vaccine capacity will keep pace with the huge global demand by 2021, he said.

In response to recent steps by some countries to lift epidemic prevention restrictions and reopen their borders, Ryan said the WHO will soon update its guidelines on border control and cross-border transportation during the outbreak for countries to consider.

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