What happens to people who try to lose weight on a diet?

Obese people always try all kinds of ways to lose weight, but in the process of losing weight methods need to be reasonable, if you take the way of excessive dieting to lose weight, may lose more than they gain.
Excessive dieting leads to a lack of nutrients, which may cause a greater burden on the body and more risks.
Because this should pay attention to method reasonable in reducing weight process at ordinary times, ability can healthy reduce weight.
So, what happens to people who desperately diet to lose weight?

  1. Liver damage

Dieting too hard to lose weight may cause liver disease.
Excessive dieting is not good for the liver, which can lead to fatty liver disease due to a lack of important nutrients.
A lot of people think fatty liver is concerned with body fat only, actually, excessive fat and take on a diet this kind of way will reduce weight, weight drops a range greatly in short time, this kind of circumstance also can bring about liver function to be damaged.

Because many people in the process of dieting to lose weight lack of important protein supply, may let the liver this vital organ implicated, the possibility of fatty liver increased.
Therefore, the usual way to lose weight in the process needs to be reasonable, the direction of diet should be correct, can not take excessive dieting to control weight.

  1. Weakened immune system

Excessive dieting may lead to a decline in immune function due to the lack of nutrients. In order to maintain normal immune function, nutrients should be provided in a timely manner, especially protein and vitamins.

Many people go on an excessive diet, resulting in the obvious lack of nutrients, the body can not maintain the normal physiological function, the resistance will become weak, and the immune function decline may fall ill at will.
In order to avoid resistance to drop significantly, in the process of losing weight methods need to be reasonable, must not be excessive diet, otherwise there may be some diseases.

  1. Gastrointestinal health problems

Dieting too hard to lose weight may lead to a decline in gastrointestinal function.
The intestines and stomach are part of the digestive system. Eating regularly every day is the only way to get the nutrients you need to keep your stomach healthy.

Many people go on a diet to lose weight. Due to the lack of nutrients, the digestive system cannot maintain its normal function, and there is no food for digestion after the secretion of digestive fluids, which may directly cause damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa and increase the possibility of digestive tract diseases.
In order to prevent gastrointestinal function decline, in the process of losing weight should pay attention to the scientific and reasonable method, do not take excessive dieting this way to control weight.

  1. Anorexia

Dieting this way to lose weight may appear anorexia, a lot of people in the process of weight loss excessive diet, often do not eat breakfast, do not eat dinner or eat very little, through this way to consume the body’s fat and protein, may appear in a short period of weight loss significantly.

Although this method has obvious weight loss effect, it is not feasible. Anorexia may occur, and the negative consequences of anorexia are also obvious.
To prevent this from happening, the habit of dieting to lose weight should be abandoned.

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