What do you do when you get diabetes

Hospitals use venous blood to measure blood sugar

At the beginning, Western medicine detection diabetes is also laboratory urine, the old patient should still remember, at the outset the test result is “urine has a few ➕”. Because the kidney’s ability to reabsorb glucose is different in different patients, the urine glucose can not accurately reflect the level of blood sugar, so the “urine glucose test” was replaced by “blood glucose test”.

Checking blood sugar is not only to collect finger tip blood, in the hospital for examination is to collect forearm venous blood, arterial blood can also be measured when the glucose content. The reason why the clinic is common finger blood collection, not finger blood can not measure blood sugar, but finger blood is the most convenient, if necessary, toe blood collection is not impossible.

Then, the action mechanism of western medicine and alum water is completely unrelated.

Alum purifies water because it forms flocculent deposits with small particles suspended in the water. If hypoglycemic drugs do the same, 15 days of glucose intake is enough to fill the entire blood vessel.

In fact, roughly speaking, there are several main hypoglycemic mechanisms of western medicine: ① increase insulin supply; ② increase the sensitivity of body cells to insulin; ③ decrease glucose absorption. None of them precipitate glucose in blood vessels.

Third, the outcome of “diabetic foot” may be inevitable, but it can be greatly delayed.

Insulin injection

There are two harms of diabetes, one is death caused by acute ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar coma, and the other is death caused by chronic complications such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetic foot, etc.

Because the artificial control of blood sugar cannot be as precise as the regulation of blood sugar by normal people, glucose in blood vessels can still cause poison to blood vessels, and the complications of diabetes are inevitable in the end, but the time of occurrence can be greatly delayed. It may even be possible to show no complications until the patient dies of other causes.

Finally, Chinese medicine can not achieve the effect of “only need to take medicine for a period of time to completely recover”

Regular medication

Early medication and maintenance under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine may alleviate the disease in a short period of time, but eventually there will still be elevated blood sugar.

In fact, this “honeymoon phase,” in which people get better after the first treatment, can occur with any other medication, and no one has ever seen a permanent honeymoon.

As for the treatment of diabetes with traditional Chinese medicine, I think we should take a look at the views of national medical masters.

Lv Renhe, a master of Chinese medicine, academic leader of endocrinology department, is a diabetic. He used insulin and western medicine hypoglycemic drugs in the early stage, but now through health management, he has reduced the frequency of using both.

Liao Pinzheng, a master of Chinese medicine and a diabetic, controls blood sugar through diet control, exercise and other health management.

Lin Lan is a master of Chinese medicine and a diabetes expert. Specializes in the treatment of diabetes and complications with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.

I have never seen a master of Chinese medicine claim that diabetes “only needs to be cured by taking traditional Chinese medicine for a period of time”, and I do not believe that a “master of folk medicine” can be more experienced in diagnosis and treatment than a master of Chinese medicine.

As a diabetic, you must keep your eyes bright.

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