Virus Attacks US, Professor Resume Experiments?

Virus Attacks US, Professor Resume Experiments?
As of February 22, the United States has new champions confirmed the number up to 28.765 million, this year because of will die of coronavirus of americans is as high as 510000, but the number of recent new reduced, from its peak of more than 20 to 80000, the United States, however these are wanted us to know the Numbers, as for the real diagnosis and the death toll is worse, I’m afraid.
In the early stage of the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the United States is a defiant look, for China’s fight for the time and measures to fight the epidemic, and even constantly with this matter to the Chinese side, although the United States vaccine has begun a large scale vaccination, but the effect is still not ideal.

In addition to the severe situation of the normal virus, the mutation of the virus in the United States is also significant, and the longer the virus exists in human society, the greater the variability, and the new crown vaccine may lose its effectiveness.
The British AstraZeneca vaccine is no longer effective against the South African mutated virus.
I believe you all know that since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the United States has been trying to smear China with the origin of the virus, and has not given up to this day.

In virus has just been discovered, the disease resistant measure is taken “laissez-faire”, and repeatedly said he is the most understanding will be coronavirus, believed that everyone is very obscure, finally a named Hill researcher gives the answer, Hill said, will the coronavirus SARA – II is a material only for the yellow race, so will the outbreak of the coronavirus, did not panic in the United States, also does not have any prevention and control measures, attitude towards the virus is dismissive.

However, the novel coronavirus actually mutated in the process of transmission, which made confident American officials panic. Just as bad as it was, the special drug that the professor had restarted the experiment to develop also lost its effect, and the United States became the worst country in the world with only a few weeks’ time.
It has been suggested that Trump secretly restarted the Fort Detrick lab in an effort to control the virus in the US, hoping that BARIC would develop a drug that would work against the virus, but ultimately failed.

Of course, the United States is to blame, now the WHO expert group in China’s trace has been successfully concluded, the United States has always claimed to be a “respect for the facts” of the country, since the Chinese have opened the Wuhan laboratory, the United States should learn from China to the WHO to open Fort Detrick?
After all, if America wants to prove its innocence, this is the only way, and the only way, that other countries can be convinced.

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