This land with a population of 1.3 billion is becoming a western anti-virus laboratory

On the evening of the 23rd, BBC medical reporter Fergus Walsh said on a TV show: If the clinical trials of the vaccine in the UK do not achieve the expected results, scientists should consider conducting vaccine trials in Kenya.

The reason is, “Kenya’s epidemic will show an upward trend in the future, and local people can choose to conduct vaccine injection tests in advance.”

This is a vaccine independently undertaken by the Oxford University R & D team. The R & D cycle is just two months, and there are only two people in the Phase 1 clinical trial volunteers.

If the phase 4 clinical trial is used as the reference standard for successful vaccine development, the current progress of this vaccine is at most 5%.

Of course, Walsh knows the risks of the vaccine developed in the UK at this stage. He also admitted that “although we know that this vaccine will cause antibody reactions in the human body, this does not mean that it can protect the human body.”

But even so, he still said majesticly “inject Kenyans in advance.”

In the eyes of the British, are African blacks “humans” with them, or are they mice that can be used or even killed in the laboratory?


Oman, the chief administrative secretary of the Kenyan Ministry of Health, quickly came out to clarify the matter, stating that the government has not yet received information about conducting clinical trials. All this requires a normal ethical review and approval process.

The Director General of Health, Amos, also stated through the “Kenya” website: No matter what kind of experiment we want to carry out, we will choose WHO instead of working with a single country.

Although the official came forward to deny the “African Experiment”, Walsh’s remarks caused a stir in Kenyan netizens.

“The UK’s own confirmed population has exceeded 138,000, but we are still thinking about coming to Kenya for a vaccine trial. We only have 320 confirmed diagnoses.”

“This means that Kenya will become a laboratory for vaccines, and I think our lives are being sold by the state.”

“These are probably not vaccines but sterilizers !?”

“We were treated as guinea pigs in their eyes, idiot!”

The Kenyans are already out of anger.

The epidemic broke out in the world within two months. This is not the first time they have been regarded as a mouse in the eyes of Westerners.

On April 1st, two French medical experts expressed the same opinion on a national program, even more straightforward and explicit.

Should n’t we do this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no medical facilities, no intensive care, just like some studies on AIDS, those studies are tested on sex workers because people know They are easily infected.

Translate: Anyway, Africans will definitely be infected, anyway, Africa will not cure them, anyway, they will die, so it is better to make a little contribution to vaccine research and development.

At this time, the number of diagnosed people in Africa was only 4,000, only one-tenth of France, and only one-hundredth of that in Europe!

There is no obvious outbreak of the epidemic in Africa, and the French can’t wait to start a vaccine trial here.

The cruelty doesn’t even have a trace of reason, and even a sounding excuse doesn’t need to be found.

Africans should naturally be the cannon fodder and victim of the greatest risk in vaccine clinical trials.

Just because of the poverty here, just because of the poor medical environment here, only because the countries here are weak in national strength, only because they are black!

Tan Desai ’s rhetoric of rhetoric expressed that the research and development of vaccines should follow the same rules around the world. It is disgraceful and shocking to hear two scientists make such remarks in the 21st century.

“Whether in Europe, Africa, or wherever, WHO absolutely does not allow such things to happen. We guarantee that this will never happen in Africa, and it will never happen to any country.”

The clang is powerful, and the ground is thrown with sound.

Africa will not and should not be a testing ground for vaccines.

But this is just Mr. Tan Desai’s wishful thinking.

On this soil, the damage to life in the name of medicine has never stopped.


In February of this year, the National Institutes of Health announced that an AIDS vaccine clinical trial codenamed HVTN 702, which has been in South Africa for more than three years, has failed. This is the world ’s first AIDS vaccine and has been studied for more than seven years .

But it was finally determined that this vaccine could not effectively prevent AIDS, and related research was terminated.

In order to get this “invalid” conclusion, the price is the life of 252 South Africans.

Starting in November 2016, the research team recruited 5,400 healthy adults aged 18-35 at 14 locations in South Africa.

Six injections were received in 18 months, of which 2694 received the vaccine injection and 2689 received the placebo injection. The final evaluation report showed that 129 people in the vaccine group were infected with HIV and 123 people in the placebo group were infected with HIV.

HVTN 702, which is highly anticipated by everyone, has not shown any efficacy, but the development of a vaccine against AIDS has not stopped for a moment.

In July 2019, Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, said that it is actively conducting the second phase of the AIDS “mosaic vaccine” clinical trial and has completed the recruitment of volunteers for the clinical trial.

The location chosen is Africa, five southern African countries.

With the lobbying and temptation of pharmaceutical companies and some local intermediary agencies, the patients hoped that they would receive advanced treatment options, and they didn’t know how much risk they had to take behind.

The two weaknesses of asymmetric information and poor life have made them the cheapest “tool people” in the eyes of Western pharmaceutical companies.

The beautiful weaves woven out and a little meager profit return allow the poor people to give their lives to enterprises willingly.

Moreover, some pharmaceutical companies rudely and cruelly deprive others of their lives without even looking for a reason.

Just like the evil Drake in “Venom”, he unscrupulously captured street homeless people, and then forcibly threw them into the laboratory to coexist with “Venom”.

What happens in reality is always more crazy and scary than the movie.

In April 1996, severe meningitis broke out in Kano State, Nigeria, killing thousands of people there. Nigeria turned to WHO for help, and WHO went to the local area to provide assistance, which was coordinated by Ruihui Pharmaceuticals.

Without the consent, Ruihui used medicines from our company that had not passed clinical trials on nearly 200 sick children with meningitis, which ultimately caused 11 children to die, and 181 children left with deafness, blindness, paralysis, and brain repair. Serious sequelae such as damage.

▲ The Nigerian government has launched a long lawsuit against Ruihui, but there has been no progress for more than ten years

This is no different from Cao Kan’s life.

It’s not just Africa that lives like a mustard, but also India.

India ’s control of generic drugs has always been the loosest in the world. Many poor people simply cannot afford the high prices of genuine drugs, and can only turn to cheap generic drugs.

The condition for Western companies to acquiesce in large-scale generic drug production in India is that India wants to become a new drug test base for Western pharmaceutical companies.

This is a dirty and sinful life transaction.

Since the restrictions on drug trials were relaxed in 2005, a total of 475 drug trials have been conducted in India in the past seven years, of which only 17 have passed inspection and approval for marketing, with a pass rate of only 3.5%.

The price is that 2644 Indians have always given their lives.

In 2013, “Russia Today” reported that there were at least 570,000 human mice in India participating in drug trials, because there have been more than 120,000 safety accidents caused by the side effects of new drugs.

Most of the medicines we use today are inseparable from the great scientific research of scientists, as well as these volunteers who are at risk in their own lives and even their lives.

The vast majority of them were either caught in the lie, or risked their livelihood pressures, or even became unaware of the victims.

They used their lives to pave the way for the launch of new drugs.

This makes people feel cruel and even sinful, but this is the truth.

One medicine will do everything.


The human trials of Western countries in Asian and African countries are the blood dripping in the forefront of human life science.

The people of the Third World, in their eyes, are two-legged sheep arbitrarily slaughtered, and they are the tools to meet their needs.

Western countries, which claim to represent advanced social civilization, treat the people of poor countries today with the same attitude as they killed 20 million Indians and sold slaves for 400 years.

The colonial thoughts of these centuries are still so cruel and stench.


In your country with a population of tens of millions, there are only a dozen life-saving ventilators.

For every 100,000 people you have, on average, only one intensive care bed.

With the GDP of a country, you cannot catch up with a small town in the West.

All because of weakness.

People in weak countries have never been qualified or confident to talk about human rights.

In Fang Fang’s diary on February 24, there is such a passage.

Examining the scale of a country ’s civilization is never about how tall your building is, how fast your car is, not how powerful your weapon is, how powerful your army is, how advanced you are in technology and art, and how luxurious your meeting is The fireworks are so gorgeous that you do n’t even have to look at how many tourists are willing to go out and buy short all over the world.

There is only one test for you: your attitude towards the disadvantaged.

The first reading of this remark made people feel emotional, and the gentleness of life and the compassion of the people came up.

Another female writer Long Yingtai can also find the same response.

“Looking at the civilization of a city, it depends on how the city treats the mentally ill, how well it serves the disabled, how well it cares for the widowed and lonely old people, and how it treats the so-called blind migrant workers.”

If the so-called rise of a great power, his people are proud of the military’s arrogance, economic wealth, and political power’s solemnity, who cares about the rise of a great power, at least I don’t care, I care about the scale of civilization I just said. “

I don’t want the rise of a big country, I only want the dignity of a small people.

I don’t want a strong motherland, I just want a civilized society.

This is ridiculous and absurd.

Without a strong country, all people are vulnerable.

There is no strong country, who gives dignity to the small people in a world of weak meat and strong food.

Only by being strong can we hold our destiny in our own hands, can we eliminate the injustice of the world, and perform eye surgery for those arrogant Western countries.

On April 25th, the clinical trial of the academician Chen Wei’s team has made great progress. The 508 volunteers of the second phase of the clinical trial have been injected and are waiting for the blind to be released in May.

In vaccine research and development, we have always been at the forefront of the world without being choked by anyone.

Still that sentence, repeated thousands of times but still makes people cry.

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