The winner of the 14-match victory box failed the drug test and may be deprived of the world championship title just now!

Now WBA ordinary welterweight champion Alexander Bespitin has been found to contain illegal drugs. At this time, it is only one and a half months since he won the world championship title.

The 28-year-old Besputin is from Russia, is a left-handed, now lives in California, the United States has a professional record of 14 victories, 9 KO opponents, and now belongs to the top promotion company. At present, the top promotion companies have confirmed this news, indicating that they are understanding the situation, and at the same time communicate with the Besputin team.

Besputin made his debut in Monaco on November 30 last year when he defeated his compatriot Radzab-Butayev (12-1,9KO) and won the vacant WBA ordinary welterweight title. The result is still in the future. Appreciating the gold belt, I encountered such a thing. It is understood that Bespletin is found in the body to contain an ingredient that can stimulate muscle growth-SARM, which is a substance banned by the World Anti-Doping Association. Before this, in 2017, NBA star Joakim Noah Ya, was found to take the substance, resulting in a penalty of 20 games suspended. For this reason, some analysts believe that Bespletin does not rule out that he will be deprived of the world championship title that has just arrived, and may be suspended.

In addition, it is understood that WBA is also actively understanding the situation, and said that it will give the official statement as soon as possible, but Butayev lost to Besputin, which was very annoyed. In an interview with ESPN, he believed that Besputin’s behavior was A shame, and disrespect for boxing, and hope that the relevant organizations will approve his rematch with Besputin, that is, in a fair situation, to determine the real winner.

If Besputin is really deprived of the title of boxing champion, it is estimated that his reputation in the industry will plummet, and when he can win the world championship is unknown. Some time ago, Besputin once claimed to compete with Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is now the WBA “super” welterweight champion. The two theoretically have the possibility of confrontation, but aside the strength of each other. Not to mention, it seems that Besiptin, who takes the banned drug, is simply not worthy of confrontation with Pacquiao.

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