The WHO issued a new warning: the virus will be more deadly in the future!

According to the British media “The Sun”, recently, as the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the UK has risen sharply, Dr. Mark Ryan, the director of emergency projects at the World Health Organization, warned: The new coronavirus is likely to be an early warning, and it will evolve in the future. More deadly viruses.

In an interview with the media, experts said that the current variant strains in the UK are spreading all over the country and are showing a situation of being unacceptable. Although the British government has made more efforts, it has not yet achieved satisfactory results. .

According to “News Today”, a mutated virus from London was found in Northern Ireland. The Chief Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, issued a statement saying that the current COVID-19 team in Northern Ireland is conducting nucleic acid testing on four known cases to determine These patients are infected with this highly transmissible and powerful mutant virus.

   This news is not only aimed at Northern Ireland, it is probably a terrible disaster for the world. At present, countries in the world have not found a way to deal with this new crown virus.

  Until today, the British New Coronavirus Medical Research Team has still not analyzed the circumstances under which the mutant virus was produced on the basis of the new coronavirus, so there is no more effective preventive method to resist this virus.

   According to Valence, the failure of the British government to control the movement of people in the London area has caused London patients carrying the mutant virus to travel to various places by car, and there are even cases of cross-border movement.

   According to Nextstrain data, Denmark and Australia have mutated viruses from the UK, and cases have been reported in the Netherlands.

   The undefended U.S. discovered similar viruses within two days after the U.K. reported the mutant strain.

   The recent epidemic in Japan in Asia shows signs of getting out of control, and the number of infections has risen sharply. The continuous discovery of similar mutant viruses in the United Kingdom has also caused an uproar in the domestic public and accused the Yoshihide Suga government of negligence.

  Although the mutant strains appearing in Africa and South Africa are different from those in the United Kingdom, with Africa’s epidemic prevention capabilities, breakthroughs in the mutant viruses are inevitable. Once they land in Africa, it will be almost impossible to contain them.

  WHO believes that it must be pointed out that compared with other infectious diseases, the death rate of the new crown is very low, but the rate of outbreak and spread is very alarming, and many people have been killed in the past year.

   This is like having humans conducted an exercise. After this exercise, it is very likely that there will be a really serious disease outbreak, and the fatality rate will be much higher than that of the new coronavirus.

   The warning from the World Health Organization took the lead, making the countries around the world that have been exhausted by the new crown virus shivering and even more panic.

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