The vaccine scandal has exposed that unscrupulous hospitals are making a fortune, and a large number of people in India have been injected with “saline vaccine”

Recently, with the outbreak of the second wave of epidemic in India, people in India are in “panic”. Although India has been alleviated in the epidemic, due to the recent emergence of “mutant virus”, the attitude of Indian residents towards vaccines can be described as a “scramble” situation.
However, it is precisely because the Indian people are worried about the outbreak of a new round of epidemic that a large number of people are eager for vaccination, which makes some domestic lawbreakers focus on the “huge business opportunities”.
According to on July 5, foreign media reported that “thousands of people in India’s financial center Mumbai have been exposed to have been injected with fake vaccines”. At present, relevant government officials are closely investigating.
Among them, according to detailed statistics, more than 2600 people in Mumbai have received the so-called Indian Shanzhai vaccine “AstraZeneca” at several different local “vaccination stations”. After some residents have received the vaccine, they found that there are many doubts about their vaccination. The most intuitive thing is that the vaccine did not appear on the website of the government certified vaccine online portal!
What does that mean? It shows that the origin of the vaccine is unknown, and it is likely to be “black vaccine” or even “fake vaccine”.
In response, according to Indian media reports, the local government in Mumbai seized shivam hospital, which is suspected of participating in a large-scale scam of new crown vaccine, on July 2.
Earlier, the hospital was granted permission to become a private vaccination center. Their modus operandi was like “selling fake wine”. They left a large number of empty bottles of vaccines, filled them with normal saline, and then re dated and labeled them for sale.
According to Mumbai police, medical workers involved in the illegal program charge $10 to $17 for a single shot of vaccine to each victim, and it has been revealed that they paid about 1260 rupees (23 dollars) for a fake vaccine.
On the other hand, according to the price of the vaccine announced by the original British AstraZeneca factory, each dose is only US $3. Moreover, these unscrupulous hospitals inject “saline vaccine” to the victims. Can you imagine how high the huge profits are.
So far, at least 10 such private vaccination centers, including this hospital, have been investigated. According to incomplete statistics, the suspected fund for vaccine fraud is as high as 2.6 million rupees, about 35000 US dollars, which can continue to rise at present.
Apart from these unscrupulous hospital problems, it also involves the strength of vaccine control in India and whether there are loopholes in some relevant epidemic prevention measures, which is worth pondering.
Among them, it can be traced back to how those “fake vaccines” got the “regular label”. According to Mumbai police, the vaccine reagents seized this time were labeled with covishield.
The label is a regular vaccine label produced by the Serum Institute of India in the joint research of Oxford University and AstraZeneca original factory. Now the label appears on the “fake vaccine”, which makes a joke.
India is famous for its generic drugs. Some pharmaceutical companies sell fake drugs with “real labels”. Although most of the effects are the same, do they dare to “follow the same method” for vaccines now?
It can be seen that the Indian government has not paid enough attention to the control of vaccines. In the second epidemic, India was devastated. It was hard to develop a fake vaccine, but it was authorized.
But unexpectedly, our citizens have not been protected by the regular vaccine. Instead, they have been poisoned by the “fake vaccine”. The Indian government should really reflect on the “vaccine scandal” in China.
Finally, it’s disgusting that the vaccination centers of these unscrupulous hospitals have made a fortune in the national crisis. India is in the critical period of alleviating the epidemic. Unfortunately, the “house leak” happens every night. It’s not only the “fake vaccine” problem, but also the recent civil war in China. Mo Laoxian also has a headache.

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