The outbreak has rebounded in 20 states

According to the latest who real-time statistics, there have been 195,406,282 confirmed cases of covid-19 worldwide as of 18:45 central European daylight saving time on 26 May (05:45 Beijing time on 27 May).

Update on the epidemic

More than 18,000 new cases were diagnosed in the United States in a single day, totaling more than 1.67 million cases

According to Johns Hopkins university, the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases and 98,717 deaths in the United States was 1,675,532 as of 16:32 p.m. Edt.
The number of new cases in the 24-hour period was 18,091.

The number of new confirmed cases in 20 U.S. states rebounded last week
The situation of covid-19 in the us is still serious, but as states in the us continue to restart their economies and relax their epidemic prevention and control measures, more and more people are flocking to beaches, swimming pools and other leisure places.

A Reuters analysis of new confirmed cases in the United States last week showed a rebound in the number of new cases in 20 states compared with previous weeks.

Missouri governor mike parsons said Tuesday that such gatherings pose a potential danger to everyone. “unfortunately, people make bad decisions and don’t follow the rules of social distancing,” he said.

Thirty-nine inmates in West Virginia have been diagnosed with covid-19
On May 26, governor Jim justice of West Virginia said 39 inmates had been diagnosed with covid-19 at the huttonsville correctional center in the us state of West Virginia.

All the inmates at the center, which has more than 1,000 inmates, have been tested for novel coronavirus. No staff member has yet been diagnosed.

The largest novel coronavirus detector station in the county was set up at dodger stadium in Los Angeles, California, USA
The novel coronavirus test site, the largest in Los Angeles county, was opened at dodger stadium in Los Angeles on May 26, local time. The test site is expected to test up to 6000 people every day.

The UK will conduct a trial of the antiviral redesivir in patients with covid-19

On May 26, local time, at the British government’s daily briefing on covid-19, health secretary Matthew Hancock announced that the UK would launch a new trial of the antiviral drug redesivir on selected covid-19 patients within the national health service (NHS).

Russian President vladimir putin has announced a military parade in red square on June 24

Russian President vladimir putin and defense minister sergei shoigu announced in a video conference that the military parade to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the great patriotic war would be held on June 24, and ordered the Russian defense ministry to begin preparations for the parade.

Russian President vladimir putin announces the date of the red square parade live

Three schools in the Australian state of new south wales were closed the day after the students were diagnosed

On May 26, local time, the day after primary and secondary schools in new south wales, Australia, were fully reopened, three schools were forced to close because students were tested positive for covid-19.
“Close contacts are being sought and parents need to protect their children,” said new state premier bellejklian.

Two missionary schools and a public school in Sydney’s east end each had a student diagnosed, so the three schools closed classes, closed their campuses and disinfected their interiors, and students were told to go home immediately, according to the NSW department of health.

Novel coronavirus has infected 3,640 miners in Poland

In silesia province in southern Poland, there were 274 new confirmed cases on that day, bringing the total number to 7,414. Both figures were the highest among all polish provinces.

Novel coronavirus has infected 3640 coal miners, accounting for about half of the total number of infections in the province, according to local media.

Many countries have adjusted their prevention and control measures

A popular Turkish beach has introduced a new rule requiring tourists to keep a social distance

Konyaldi beach, a popular beach in antalya, Turkey, has been designated a special area for each visitor to ensure social distance, Turkish DHA news agency reported Tuesday.
After visitors leave, staff will disinfect the area and allow 20 minutes before other visitors can use it.

(image courtesy of the network) fixed mobile area surrounded by stakes and ropes

Istanbul park in Turkey draws’ circles’ to maintain social distance

Istanbul parks are preparing to reopen to the public, Turkish media reported on May 26.
But the epidemic is not over yet, and parks have taken a series of prevention and control measures.
One of them, the kadikoy coastal park on the Asian side, has a “social distancing circle” drawn on its lawn to remind people to keep a social distance.

Japanese officials have waived approval of fapiravir for the treatment of covid-19 for five months

“Clinical studies and clinical trials will continue next month,” katsunoshi kato, Japan’s minister of health, health and labor, said at a press conference on May 26, referring to the candidate treatment of covid-19 drug “fapiravir.” if the efficacy is confirmed, the drug will be approved as soon as possible. There is no change in this guideline.”

According to Japan’s kyodo news agency, there are no clinical studies or clinical trials of the drug that show significant efficacy.

Multinational economies revive

The trading floor of the New York stock exchange reopened Tuesday

The trading floor of the New York stock exchange reopened Thursday after a two-month shutdown, fox business reported.
A quarter of traders were allowed back on the floor after a conditional reopening on May 26.

France: to implement a large-scale support plan for the automobile industry

French President Emmanuel macron announced a massive aid package for the auto industry Tuesday, saying the French government will spend about 8 billion euros to support the industry from increasing purchasing power, bringing manufacturing back to France and increasing competitiveness through investment.

Since the onset of the covid-19 outbreak in France, the French auto industry has been hit hard, with auto sales down 80% and about 400,000 vehicles on the road.

The German government and Lufthansa reached a 9 billion euro bailout agreement

The German federal government has agreed to provide 9 billion euros in aid to Lufthansa airlines, which is struggling with the covid-19 outbreak, through an economic stabilization fund, the federal finance ministry said in a press release Tuesday.
The German government will take a stake of at least 20 per cent in Lufthansa.

Lufthansa reported an adjusted loss before interest and tax of 1.2 billion euros in the first quarter, which is expected to be even worse in the second quarter.

Life was restored in many countries

The us state of New Jersey plans to restart sporting events and outdoor graduation ceremonies

New Jersey governor phil murphy said Tuesday that the state will allow professional athletes to return to training and prepare for the games.
The state of New Jersey allows schools to hold commencement events starting in July, and from July 6, schools will be able to hold the ceremonies outdoors as long as social distancing rules are observed, murphy said.

Social contact restrictions in Germany were extended until July 5

Germany’s federal chancellery on the 26th announced plans to further remove restrictive measures.
It has been a month since the relaxation of restrictions in Germany and new cases of covid-19 are at a low level.
However, the novel coronavirus is still spreading, so the federal government believes that before vaccines and drugs are available, normal life should be gradually restored under the condition of disinfection and protection.

Turkey resumed high-speed rail service on May 28

Turkey’s minister of transport and infrastructure, adil karajismerolu, said on May 26 that some high-speed trains, which have been suspended due to the outbreak, will resume operation on May 28.

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