The new crown virus is not the “end”, scientists propose other ideas: it may happen in the future

Today, the situation is very serious. The epidemic situation in many countries has begun to rebound, and more and more people have been diagnosed. The virus is invading our lives wantonly. Although the new crown vaccine has come out, it is still difficult to stop the spread of the new crown virus, except for vaccines. In addition to the limited production capacity, it is more important that people are lax and the measures to deal with the new crown are not in place. After this epidemic, we should be able to clearly feel how harmful the new coronavirus is. At the same time, we also know that the virus does not only invade once or twice, and we will face more similar problems in the future.

The new crown virus spreads quickly and has a higher early death rate. However, after understanding the new crown virus, the cure rate has increased. Many countries have been able to control the epidemic in their own countries, including China. But we cannot relax. The World Health Organization stated that the new crown virus is only one of many viruses. In the future, there will be many kinds of viruses in society, and there are even viruses with extremely high fatalities and rapid outbreaks.

For example, we are familiar with the Ebola virus. This virus spreads very quickly and has a very high fatality rate. The incubation period is very short. As long as people are infected with Ebola virus, they will die in a short time. It is precisely because of the terrifying characteristics of the Ebola virus that the Ebola virus cannot spread widely.

The new crown virus is different from Ebola. The new crown virus has an incubation period of more than 14 days, so the spread range and time have become wider, and the virus carrier will spread the virus to many places without knowing it. In fact, there are many viruses in life, which is already the norm. So we should think about how to face this situation. Once the next virus disaster comes, how should we face it?

Some time ago, the United Kingdom and other countries have discovered the mutant new coronavirus. This is a disaster for the people. Because the virus continues to mutate, it will be more difficult for us to deal with it. The main reason is that the United Kingdom and other countries do not pay attention to the epidemic. It still retains the idea of ​​relying on herd immunity to deal with the new coronavirus. Obviously, this approach is wrong and will worsen the epidemic, and the domestic economy and people’s livelihood will be affected.

Even more deadly, a mysterious virus was discovered in the Congo region of Africa. People don’t know much about this, but the only thing that can be determined is that the source of the virus is the wild. The Congo region often eats wild animals and even kills them. It is sold under extremely poor sanitary conditions, which has led to the frequent occurrence of viruses.

Today, the stability and harmony of the earth requires the efforts of all people. We will encounter many problems in the future. We should think about how to overcome and deal with these problems.

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