The mutated virus may have spread in the community

The number of deaths from the new crown in a single day exceeded 100 for the first time in Japan, and some indicators also broke records, according to data compiled by relevant agencies in Japan.
In addition, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan has suggested that the mutant novel coronavirus may have been circulating in the Japanese community.

Japanese Shizuoka County discovered on 18 days local 3 people infected the mutation novel coronavirus discovered in Britain, they did not go abroad in the near future, also did not contact personnel back home, because this Japanese national infectious disease research institute thinks that the mutation novel coronavirus may have been formed in Japan community spread.

On 19, a close contact of the above-mentioned cases of Japanese variant novel coronavirus infection was also confirmed.
Shizuoka Prefecture issued an “emergency alert” on the same day, urging people to avoid going out and cross-county activities, and not to eat with people other than their families.
The Japanese government said it would step up surveillance of the mutant novel coronavirus.

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