The most dangerous mutation virus appears!Bad news from Finland quickly spread around the world

At present, the global fight against the disease is still grim, but according to media reports, a new new strain of the virus, named FIN-796H, has recently emerged in Finland.

Fin-796h was discovered last week in Finland. It has a unique sequence compared to previous strains found in the UK and South Africa. In other words, it is a new variant that poses a greater threat to humans.

Once the new mutated virus spread, the consequences could not be imagined

The sequence of FIN-796H was found to be unique, and Finland said it was very likely that the tests available in each country would fail to detect the virus, which quickly sent the world into a state of concern. After all, the unknown is the most frightening thing.
At the same time, one has to wonder whether there will be similar new viruses after FIN-796H.

Compared with the common novel coronavirus, the mutant virus is more frightening in terms of transmission speed and infectivity, and has a higher fatality rate.
Take the mutated virus found in the UK as an example, the emergence of the virus immediately led to the rapid deterioration of the epidemic prevention situation in the UK, and has continued to this day.
At the same time, in the context of global openness, a mutated virus in any country may affect other regions. The mutated virus found in the United Kingdom is rampant in the United States and has swept over 40 states.

After Britain, countries around the world where the mutated virus has been found have sprung up, one after another.
It’s scary enough that some mutated viruses can render a vaccine ineffective, but fin-796h, found in Finland, is not even detectable, so it’s obviously dangerous.
If you think about it, if FIN-796H were to spread around the world on a large scale, the consequences would be almost unimaginable.

Finland’s wake-up call to the world is far from over

Although FIN-796H was found in Finland, information about the virus, including how transmissible it is, is unknown, and Finnish researchers do not know whether the virus has even emerged outside the country.

While little is known about FIN-796H, research has begun in Finland on how to deal with the new challenges posed by FIN-796H, with the focus on whether the current vaccine is effective against the virus.
Under the circumstance that the epidemic is sweeping the world, only unity against the epidemic is the most powerful weapon for mankind to overcome the epidemic. Many countries in the world are also looking forward to hearing the good news from Finland.

The discovery of the FIN-796H mutation in Finland should be commended for making it public, rather than being the usual British cover-up, giving other countries time to respond.
On the other hand, the discovery of FIN-796H in Finland also sounded the alarm to other countries that the epidemic is far from over and the fight against the epidemic should not be slowed down.

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