The global epidemic is still raging, and the year 2021 is coming

The last page of the dismal 2020 has been torn from the world’s national and regional calendars and replaced with a new 2021.

Calendars rip, but the epidemic is still there, and humanity is still shrouded in the threat of a COVID-19 global pandemic.

New Year celebrations around the world are an exception this year

The time to ring out the old and ring in the new, a time of jubilation in much of the world, has turned out to be an exception this year.
Usually on New Year’s Eve, the main gathering places around the world are packed with people, many cities bright lights, fire trees and silver flowers;
People sing, dance and congratulate each other on the New Year.
But this year, there were few scenes of jubilation.
When the bell rings in 2021, people will echo not with a symphony of New Year celebration but with deep sadness and frustration over the epidemic.

Foreign media have noted that China and other countries are a few exceptions, but luckily there will be far fewer celebrations in 2021 than usual.
Under the dire threat of the virus, crowds gather at high risk of becoming infected.
No place and no time should be lax in preventing and controlling the epidemic.
This is a requirement, but also must consciously.
Only when we respect science, work together and guard against the epidemic, can we stop the attack of the epidemic.
Because China has done so, we have a relatively stable life safety environment under the global epidemic.

The earth rotates from west to east, and east sees the sun before west.
The world is divided into 24 time zones according to longitude, and the New Year is ushered in at different times.

New Zealand is ringing in the New Year early

New Zealand is one of the earliest countries in the world to usher in 2021.
New Zealand is located in the southwest Of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by a vast and sparsely populated area. Coupled with the country’s high priority in fighting the epidemic and its recent strict entry ban for several weeks, New Zealand is a mildly affected country.
According to statistics, New Zealand has so far detected only 2,162 COVID-19 cases and only 25 deaths, with almost no new cases recently detected.
On the night of December 31st, New Zealand was almost as relaxed as it used to be.
In Auckland and other big cities, crowds continue to gather as the New Year approaches, as residents gather to watch the fireworks with great fanfare.

But much of the rest of the world is not so lucky.

Australia, which is across the sea from New Zealand, has been severely affected, with 362,911 cases and 6,261 deaths.
As authorities stepped up efforts to contain the outbreak, cities across Australia were largely silent on the night of December 31.
In Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House, where crowds normally bustle, spectators were kept away from the fireworks.
Heavy fines will be imposed on those who force their way into the scene in defiance of the ban, the authorities said.
Australia’s most populous city, Sydney, is a ghost town with a world-renowned New Year fireworks display that lasted just seven minutes, compared with 12 minutes last year.

(File photo: Australia’s Sydney Opera House reopened on the evening of November 1, 2020, after it was closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19.)
(Xinhua/Bai Xuefei)

Japan’s royal family is downsizing its New Year’s celebration ceremony

Tokyo in Japan, New York in the United States, Paris in France, London in the United Kingdom, Berlin in Germany, Rome in Italy, and other places, in previous years, are the world’s most lively place to ring out the old year and ring in the New Year.

According to Kyodo news, the Imperial Palace in Japan has greatly reduced the size of the New Year celebration ceremony.
On January 1, the Emperor and empress of Japan still held “New Year’s greetings” at the Imperial Palace to accept the royal family and the three powers, but due to the epidemic prevention and control, the size and number of people cannot be compared with last year.
Between the pines at the palace, Akishino and his wife, along with their first and second daughters, Mako and Yoshiko, congratulated the emperor and his wife for the New Year.
The couple then toured the palace’s rooms with the royal family to receive New Year’s greetings from Prime Minister Yoshihiko Suga, the speaker of both houses of parliament, the Supreme Court chief and other officials.
The Emperor said to the crowd, “It is the beginning of the year and I wish the happiness of the people and the development of the country.”

Not only is the number of people celebrating the New Year at the imperial palace down sharply this year, but all participants are required to wear face masks and disinfect their hands.
The female royal family did not wear tiaras due to the hardship of the spread of the epidemic.
The usual New Year’s day celebrations, which took place on January 2, have also been cancelled, with the imperial family releasing only the emperor’s New Year’s video message instead.

In New York, only a handful of people attended the “Big Ball Drop” ceremony in Times Square, rather than the tens of thousands in previous years.
The streets of New York are dreadfully deserted.
In the hours after the bell tolled in 2021, the total number of cases in the United States passed 20 million, and the number of deaths jumped to more than 346,000.
The United States has been in complete anarchy, and western California has become the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, with a record surge in daily cases.

(File photo: Workers install a crystal ball in Times Square, New York, ON Dec. 27, 2019.
New York Times Square drops a crystal ball and counts down the years to the New Year for more than 110 years.
(Xinhua/Wang Ying)

The U.S. has more than 20 million cases

According to us media, more than 95% of emergency wards in US hospitals have been crowded out.
A variant of the virus linked to the UK originally hit Colorado and has now been found in several US states.
Under the epidemic, the American people are suffering and dying. Who is still in the mood to celebrate the New Year?

In the past, Trump has been more or less talking about the US response to the epidemic. Now, trump has stopped talking.
Mr Trump returned abruptly to Washington on New Year’s Eve after a beautiful holiday in Florida, but his mind was on how to overturn Mr Biden’s election in a joint session of Congress on January 6.
He is said to have mobilised at least 140 Republicans in the House of Representatives to challenge the announcement of Mr Biden to a joint session on January 6th, and another farce is on the way.

In a 10-second New Year’s message posted on Twitter on Dec 31, Trump told Americans: “I’m working at the White House tonight. You’re out there having fun, but I don’t blame you.
Have fun, we’re going to have a great year, and have a very, very happy New Year!”
Americans don’t know if Trump is working or what he is “working for,” but there is widespread concern that he may be thinking up some bizarre strategy that could lead to more chaos and a worse epidemic in the United States.

Virtual welcome across Europe

The outbreak in Europe has become a major global concern, not only because of the severity of the epidemic there, but also because of the emergence of more mutated viruses.
France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and other major European countries are now in the midst of a second or even third wave of the epidemic.
Many countries announced new quarantine measures before Christmas and New Year, and some even imposed strict limits on family gatherings during the holidays, which are traditionally highly valued by their populations.

A strict New Year’s Eve curfew remains in place in Paris.
The social pressure on President Macron is great, but the pressure to fight the epidemic is even greater.
The night on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on December 31 was strangely silent.
The streets were thick with police cars, but there were few pedestrians, with only the occasional passing vehicle.
But the French but good New Year is unwilling, so in front of Notre Dame DE Paris, was held on the background of virtual as the avatar jean michel on his online concert, in front of the Louvre, is held a master electronic music DJ David coulthard pre-recorded online concert, how many of these activities to the French feel the New Year’s celebration atmosphere.

On the night of December 31, The biggest party in Germany was cancelled in Berlin.
According to Deutsche Welle, the Brandenburg Square, where hundreds of thousands of people normally gather, was empty this year, with no audience despite a live televised performance by numerous musicians.
As midnight approaches, the Brandenburg Gate displays fireworks and lights show off.
Berlin authorities are guarding the scene with a heavy police presence for fear that someone will flood in and something will happen.

(Photo caption: The Eiffel Tower is seen in Montmartre heights in Paris, France, On Jan 1, 2021.
(Xinhua/Gao Jing)

Many European countries held new forms of New Year celebrations, including television and Internet concerts.
In Italy, where curfews remain in place, there were only a few small-scale events to mark the year 2020, with most of the concerts taking place mainly on television and online.
A temporary ban on fireworks in the capital will last until January 6.

Greece, which has produced some of the world’s most famous philosophers, has a history of innovative ideas.
As a result of the epidemic, many Cities in Greece strictly enforced the ban on people gathering, and at the same time, they deliberately set off a large number of fireworks as a psychological and sensory compensation for the people at home to welcome the New Year.

The epidemic in India is shocking

New Year in India is not as noisy as in western countries. Indians have their own festivals to celebrate.
This year, even more so, the New Year atmosphere, from the scene to the Internet, seems very flat, but there is still a lot of noise and confusion around domestic reform and foreign relations.
It is inconceivable that in such a serious situation, India is not focused on fighting the epidemic, but some media continue to accuse other countries of coveting Indian territory and violating the border agreement. This illusion cannot be changed.

In fact, the epidemic in India is already shocking.
In 2021, India joined the United States in setting new records, with more than 20 million cases in the United States and 10 million in India. The death toll has soared to more than 148,000.
Such rapid growth is no good.
India has a large population and now has the second highest number of cases in the world. If it is not contained soon, the epidemic in 2021 will be very bad and will have a bigger impact on India’s political and economic society.

Russian cosmonauts celebrated the New Year in space

Despite the ravages of the epidemic, mankind is still looking forward to the New Year.
Two Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station are sending New Year’s greetings via video message to people on Earth.
‘2020 is a test for the planet,’ Russian cosmonaut Yuri Ryzhkov told the crowd in a video released by the Russian space agency.

Russia’s international Space Station orbited the Earth every one and a half hours. According to statistics, on December 31 last year, Russian cosmonauts circled the Earth 16 times, which is equal to 16 times to welcome the New Year.
Such an experience is unique in the world.
By 2100 hours (Beijing time), the New Year had begun in all parts of the world.
The last two areas are the uninhabited Baker and Howland islands in the Pacific Ocean.

As we enter the New Year, the global epidemic situation remains grim and worrying.
But vaccination is already under way in many countries, and the global epidemic could be eased by widespread vaccination later this spring or in the summer.
So it is the darkest hour before the dawn.
With the bitter experience of 2020, people are more experienced and psychologically prepared to fight against the epidemic and its secondary disasters.

Viruses are the most virulent and will eventually be subdued.
2021 is just the beginning. Don’t be pessimistic and keep looking forward to it.
Mankind cannot always live in the misery of an epidemic.
After the epidemic, the world will return to normal, and hopefully by 2022, the world will be singing and laughing again.

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