The female estrogen is exuberant, the life often has these performance, the maintenance estrogen in the life should be regular

Birth, aging, sickness and death are stages that all lives need to go through. No life can exist forever, and people are the same.
So we all need to experience decline, and it’s a very normal biological phenomenon.
But a lot of women can not bear its recession, after the recession of the skin will wrinkle, and the face will grow age spots, which has a very big impact on the appearance.

A lot of women can think of a way to prevent anile normally, is this method useful after all?
In fact, there are some, that is the use of skin care products, but now many skin care products are useless, in fact, the best way to fight aging is to supplement the body needs estrogen.
Usually, we should pay attention to the characteristics of the body. These characteristics indicate that the metabolism of estrogen is very full and the body is still young.

Women with high levels of estrogen tend to have these five manifestations in their lives. It is suggested that girls compare them.

Blood vessels are more elastic

As people get older, their blood vessels become brittle and less elastic, so many older people have cardiovascular problems.

In fact, estrogen is metabolized enough to keep blood vessels healthy, to make them more resilient, to help with cardiovascular disease, and also to prevent atherosclerosis, which is something you should be aware of.


Many women start to put on weight in their forties and fifties. Some are very fat. Some have loose skin.
Being very young and very thin indicates that the body has a good estrogen metabolism and looks very attractive.

And the lack of estrogen can cause breast drooping and hip pull hip, and even cause the accumulation of fat.
Cause body out of shape, if the figure is good everyone will be happy.

The skin is good

Human skin, if adequate estrogen metabolism, will be very white, very smooth.
Because adequate estrogen proves that women’s blood vessels are healthier, their complexion will be more adequate, and their complexion will be ruddy and shiny. This situation is the basis of health.

Get a good night’s sleep

At present, many middle-aged and elderly people have poor sleep quality, which is mainly caused by vascular reasons. Older people’s blood flow will be slow, and they often have the problem of blood vessel blockage.

Vascular blockage will also continue to cause imbalance in the internal environment, resulting in insufficient estrogen metabolism, affecting the endocrine system, resulting in reduced sleep.

Menstrual rule

Whether the menstruation is regular can prove whether the human body has enough estrogen secretion, whether the estrogen secretion is sufficient can be regular and stable, insufficient secretion can affect the uterus and ovaries, menstrual instability or even irregular menstruation.
Regular menstruation indicates adequate estrogen production and good health.

Supplement estrogen is actually very simple, life can pay attention to

In the hope of replenishing the estrogen needed by the body, we must pay attention to the vegetarian collocation. We can not only eat vegetarian or vegetarian dishes. A single diet will cause the imbalance of nutrition in the human body, and will continue to slow down the cell metabolism, resulting in the imbalance of hormone balance.

Therefore, we must pay attention to vegetarian diet, which can improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, but also help the body to reduce fat, which is helpful to the body’s health.

Everyone must keep a good attitude and proper exercise, these two ways can promote the metabolism of human estrogen, care for the health of the body, but also can delay the decline of the human body, make women look young and beautiful.
Therefore, we should pay attention to the secretion of hormones, metabolism needs to go to the hospital for examination.

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