The cure after cancer terminal man infects covid-19!Can Novel Coronavirus Kill Tumors?

A man with advanced cancer who was infected with Novel Coronavirus had his tumor disappear, in a movie movie that actually happened in real life.

According to an article published in the British Journal of Hematology, a 61-year-old man with Hodgkin’s limba tumor and kidney disease was treated last year after being infected with novel coronavirus.
Miraculously, not only did he cure Novel Coronavirus, his Hodgkin’s lymphoma lesions miraculously subsided.

The cure after cancer terminal man infects new crown!
Can Novel Coronavirus Kill Tumors?
Experts in science

So can Novel Coronavirus really “cure” tumors?
Liu Weiping, chief physician of lymphoma department of Peking University Cancer Hospital, relieved the doubts.

From a medical point of view, there are several possibilities, Liu said.
One possibility is that novel coronavirus acts as an alien hostile molecule that activates our body’s immune system.

He also vividly cited an example, said that the activated immune system is like a “full of blood resurrected people’s police,” in the elimination of novel coronavirus this “foreign hostile elements” at the same time, also easily the tumor this “rogue rogue” to solve.

Another possibility is that in terms of medical treatment, there is a treatment that is similar to this case, which is immunotherapy.
Drugs, such as PD-1 monoclonal antibodies, activate the body’s immune system to clear and destroy tumors.

Another possibility is that a novel coronavirus is an oncolytic virus, so a novel coronavirus would get into a tumor, especially into a tumor cell, and do a lot of damage, killing the tumor cell.

As for the claim that Novel Coronavirus “cures” cancer, the odds are slim.
As the global outbreak has developed so far, the number of people infected with novel coronavirus has exceeded 100 million, and so far only reported similar cases.

So the odds of trying to “cure” cancer with a novel coronavirus are probably worse than the odds of winning the jackpot.
In the absence of a perfect scientific theory to explain this phenomenon, people need to use rational thinking to look at the problem.

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