The aging of AIDS should not be underestimated

Seeing negative news about the elderly in the media, such as “bus dominates”, “square dance dominates”, “young people who fell to the ground and blackmailed them,” and so on, many people said that the elderly have gone bad. There is another view that the bad guys get old and some people are bad since they were young. Is the old man getting bad, or the bad guy getting old? Let us look at the trend and current situation of the elderly population infected with AIDS.

With the improvement of the quality of life, the sexually active period of middle-aged and elderly people is prolonged. Due to reasons such as sexual needs of elderly men are often not addressed by the family and society, it is easy to cause unsafe sex such as prostitution. Epidemiological studies show that this is also 50 years and above The main reason for the spread and epidemic of AIDS among the population; In addition, based on the continuous development of antiretroviral drugs, HIV-infected persons and patients can survive for a long time.

UNAIDS reports that as of the end of 2019, there were 7.9 million surviving HIV infections and patients over the age of 50 worldwide, accounting for 21% of all HIV infections and cases. my country has reported more than 330,000 survivors, accounting for 34% of all infected people and cases, which is much higher than the global average. The rising trend of the proportion is similar to that of European and American countries that started the AIDS epidemic earlier. In 2016, the United States exceeded 50%. The trend of changes in the proportion of HIV-infected persons and patients aged 50 and above reported in my country in the past 10 years can be seen. The proportion is increasing year by year. As the coverage of antiretroviral therapy increases, the survival time of patients is prolonged, and the patients with early infection are gradually getting older. .

Among the newly reported HIV infections and patients in my country each year, the proportion of patients aged 50 and above has also increased significantly, from 22% in 2011, 10 years ago, to 44% in 2020. Comparing several provinces where the AIDS epidemic first began, among the newly reported HIV infections and patients in 2020, patients aged 50 and above accounted for the highest proportion of more than 60%. These data let us see that the situation of middle-aged and elderly people infected with AIDS in recent years is not optimistic, and it has gradually attracted the attention of relevant departments.

From the perspective of the increasing risk of AIDS infection among the elderly, we should pay attention to the emotional life of the elderly and relieve their loneliness in the family and relatives, so that the elderly will no longer blindly seek stimulation and put themselves in a dangerous situation. At the same time, promote safe sex among the elderly to avoid AIDS to the greatest extent.

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