Scientists invented the simple ventilator, the cost is only 400 US dollars, is it a gimmick or real material

As we all know, under the influence of the pandemic, the world’s demand for ventilators has greatly increased. However, due to its high cost, it has put too much burden on some countries with limited economic capacity.

Recently, Nvidia scientist Bill Daly has opened a simple version of the ventilator, the price is only 2% of the traditional ventilator, the normal price of the traditional ventilator is more than 20,000 US dollars, and the cost of this model of only $ 400. Bill Daly even said that he can continue to reduce costs to $ 100.

Beardley Ventilator Model
If it is really tested, it can be mass produced, which will directly solve the current vacancy in the world’s demand for ventilators. The price advantage of the rolling type makes this ventilator attract the attention of a large number of people. Among patients infected with COVID-19, 0.3% to 0.6% of patients develop acute respiratory distress syndrome severe enough to require a mechanical ventilator. This ventilator undoubtedly gives great hope to the world.

After seeing this news, I feel that the gimmick is greater than the practical. The real clinical application of the ventilator requires rigorous experiments and a series of standards. Let’s see how NVIDIA scientists invented it.

Bill Daly developed this ventilator to complete the design in just a few weeks. His ventilator is built around only two key components from an easy source-a proportional solenoid valve and a microcontroller to regulate the flow of gas through the valve to the patient.

Invention inspiration

It is said that the old scientist was kayaking in early April and wandering on the clear lake, and suddenly came to inspiration, then went home to buy accessories, dismantled an old computer, and stayed up all night to write thousands of lines of code , And then the basic model comes out, and you can inflate and deflate a leather glove.

Clinical manifestations

It is said that after this research, the scientist went to find several students of his own, and conducted a complicated clinical simulation experiment in the hospital, which met the expected expectations.

Installation difficulty

Because this simple device can no longer be simple, the installation is super simple, and it only takes 5 minutes to go from parts to finished products. At present, the product has not been approved by the government.

Why is the ventilator so expensive

We all know that the most expensive thing to enter the ICU is the cost of the ventilator. It costs about 1,500 yuan for the first day of use. Why is the charge so expensive? Is the cost really high? Is it the price of the hospital?

In fact, most of the good ventilators are imported. The price of one set is more than 300,000, and the high-end one is 500,000. Our average cost is 800 yuan a day. Only 24 hours a year can only receive about 290,000. So the fee is not a floor price, so why is a ventilator so expensive?

A one-step ventilator has 300 to 400 parts, and there are hundreds of patents. It requires precise coordination of various hardware and software. If any part is operated improperly, it may cause damage to the patient’s body. This is why a ventilator is so expensive.

Is the ventilator so important?

Oxygen is what the human body needs most. Once the patient cannot breathe spontaneously, he or she needs to intubate to breathe. This can solve the problem that the patient’s trachea is unobstructed. When the patient is cured, he can be extubated.

Schematic diagram of ventilator
Simply put, why the ventilator is so important under the epidemic. The epidemic is mainly caused by viral infection of the lungs, causing alveolar collapse. This causes the patient to be unable to breathe even if oxygen is delivered. This allows the patient to breathe oxygen.

to sum up

I feel that this device is difficult to mass produce and apply to life. We know that the ventilator is expensive, which contains a lot of scientific research costs. This small workshop can withstand the test, but it is always a good thing. Like this old scientist.

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