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Riptropin [rDNA origin] is a way to supply natural growth human growth hormone for people who may deficient or may require higher levels of this hormone. Riptropin is identical to natural growth hormone that your pituitary gland produces because it is made by secretion technology that makes a 191 amino acid sequence.



1. Introduction. Somatotropin or the Growth Hormone (GH) as it is commonly called is a 191 amino acids long single chain of polypeptide. It stimulates cell regeneration in animals and humans and hence plays a critical role in the physical as well as mental growth. It is endogenously produced by the pituitary gland’s front lobe. The famous American Biochemist, Choh Hao Li is credited to the discovery and isolation of this hormone, who did extensive work on it in 1966. Four years later, Choh initiated a revolution in the treatment methodology of growth related ailments when he successfully synthesized it in lab. Further developments in the domain have enabled external administration of the GH to humans in various forms, Riptropin being one of the most common of them.

2. Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). Lack of production of GH by the pituitary gland due to a tumor formation, some trauma or any other reason can cause its deficiency causing many mental, psychological and physical disorders like retarded growth, weakening of bones, stress etc. Some common effects of GHD are as under :-

(a) Hypoglycemia. Drop in blood sugar at birth or in the initial growing age of a child.
(b) Underdeveloped Sexual Organ, Some male children suffer from this condition.
(c) Short stature.
(d) Very slow closure of the gap between skull bones.
(e) Inexplicable obesity or rise in fat mass with reduction in muscle mass.
(f) Some other difficult to notice signs include fine hair, high pitched voice and abnormally slow growth of nails.

3. Applications of Growth Hormone. The GH has numerous applications in treating diseases that were earlier thought to be incurable. Just like any other beneficial medical miracles people have found some illegal uses of Riptropin like athletes have tried using it as performance enhancer in competitions. With developments in the area of Biotechnology, the external administration of GH has shown prominent results in the following fields :-

(a) To cure slow growth.
(b) It is used to increase milk and beef production in its bovine form.
(c) Riptropin helps muscle development and controls fat.
(d) It reduces stress and helps fight depression.
(e) Cholesterol levels can be controlled with its use.
(f) It has even proved useful in minimizing wrinkles by tightening the skin through cell regeneration.
(g) Physicians and specialists have used it in organ transplantation, injuries etc to accelerate recovery.

4. Dosage and Care. Dosage varies as per the usage and should be decided with expert advice. 0.005 to 0,06 mg per Kg of body weight is the range within which it is normally used. It should be started in small doses and increased gradually as per the physician’s counsel. Care should be taken to start administration only after consulting your doctor in order to gain maximum from it and a record of the dosage should be maintained. It must be stored at 2-8 degree Celsius, should not be frozen. It must be protected from direct light.

5. Conclusion. Riptropin is a form of the internally produced hormone, Somatotropin that is secreted from pituitary gland. It can be safely used to either make up the deficiency of the GH or to provide an additional dose of the same to treat many growth related issues. It is important to consult your doctor before starting the administration so as to achieve best results through optimal intake.

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