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Active ingredient: Somatropin
Size: 10 vials * 3.3 mg
Dosage: 100 IU



SP Tropin is an artificial human growth hormone. It helps in the growth and restoration of cells so that a person can increase his bone density and muscle mass. SP Tropin is responsible for the normal functioning of the central nervous system, visceral organs, and all other tissues in the human body.

After its intake, it’s available in the blood for a few minutes only until the liver changes it into growth factors. Insulinlike Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) is one of the most important growth factors. Human Growth Hormone seems like a new term but it was first extracted in the 1950s from corpses. Later, it was synthesized in the labs and was released as a medicine. It quickly gained popularity after its release, especially in the bodybuilding community who used it to gain muscle mass and built their body with ease like never before.

SP Tropin accelerates the lipolysis process inside the human body. It means that it helps in a quick break down of fats to provide us with more energy than usual. SP Tropin also helps in the hypertrophy of muscle tissues which helps a person in growth and increase of muscle cells. Hypertrophy doesn’t happen so easily. You need to lift weights and perform many more weight exercises on a daily basis to achieve hypertrophy. SP Tropin helps you to get it without any of these and that’s the reason people are crazy about this human growth hormone.

SP Tropin is appreciated and used because of its anti-age effect. Many people and models who care a lot about their looks use it to look young. It also activates the satellite cells in the muscle tissue so that it becomes easy to gain weight. Use of SP Tropin strengthens the locomotor system which is good for bodybuilders as it enables them to lift heavier weights during gym sessions than usual and hence help gain mass.

A large number of athletes has already used SP Tropin and gained muscle mass. Many have confirmed it by themselves. It helped them to get bigger and harder muscles. Buy it today from our website and see the results by yourself.


Package Contains- 10 Vials
Active Substance – 10 IU or 3.3 mg Somatropin (rDNA Origin) per vial
Active Half-Life – 2.5 to 3 days
Dosage – 4 to 1o IU per day for Men
Classification – Human Peptide Hormone
Raw Material – Human Growth Hormone
Water Retention – No
Acne – No
HBR – No
Aromatization – No
Hepatotoxicity – No
Manufacturer – SP Laboratories


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