Clomed Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50mg/tab, 60tab


Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Raw material: Clomiphene citrate
Package: 50mg / 60 tab



Balkan Pharmaceuticals, clomid, clomiphene, 60 tablets, 50mg.


One of the serious side effects of taking steroids is lower testosterone levels.For patients who are about to undergo PCT (post-cycle therapy), we recommend ordering Clomid tablets to restore the natural hormonal background and prevent gynecomastia, oligospermia, and the use of steroid hormones and other hormonal side effects.

Key features of Balkan Pharma:

– restore testosterone production

– not steroids

– activate spermatogenesis

– applicable to PCT after nandrolone and group bronn

– increased LH and FSH levels


Half-life -5 days

Optimal dose -50-150 mg/day

Cycle duration -3-5 weeks


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It’s important to note that clomiphene is very effective at stimulating the synthesis of gonadotropins, but it’s actually not shown in breast tissue. If you have female mastitis, it’s best to look for tamoxifen, torremifen, raloxifene or aromatase inhibitors: anastrozole, letrozole.

According to the general protocol, the most common use of Clomid on PCT is 1-3 days -150 mg/day, 4-15 days -100 mg/day, 15-30 days -50 mg/day.Drink plenty of fluids during the clomiphene cycle, because one of the most serious side effects of using clomiphene is an increased risk of blood clots.It is also recommended that you take vitamin E to thin your blood.

You should start taking Clomid one to two days after the half-life of the last drug you used ends.For example, you complete a testosterone propionate cycle with a half-life of 3-4 days, and then start taking Clomid after 4-6 days.


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