Saizen HGH 8mg 24iu 1 vial


8mg 24iu 1 vial



1. Introduction. Somatropin or the Growth Hormone, GH consisting of 191 amino acids is endogenously produced by the pituitary gland frontal lobe. It stimulates secretion of IGF-I in liver, which helps in cartilage cell formation. A deficiency of the GH, often referred to as GHD can lead to many growth abnormalities like stunted growth, slowed mental development etc. Administration of externally produced hormones in the form of FDA approved medications can be used to treat GHD. One such widely trusted medication is Saizen hGH.

2. Description and Specifications. Saizen hGH is produced through recombinant DNA technology using the mammalian cell line and the gene of human growth hormone. Having 191 amino acids, the structure and composition are identical to the hormone that is generated in the pituitary gland and is therefore totally compatible with the human system. It’s a non pyrogenic, sterile powder which is to be mixed with bacteriostatic water before use. It’s a prescription medicine as the drug has been illegally used by athletes for performance enhancement.

3. Functions and Uses. Saizen is extensively used in the GH replacement therapy by most of the reputed physicians and hospitals. Hormones enter the human body and start functioning in the same manner that the endogenous GH works. It triggers the liver and other tissues to secrete IGF-I protein that assists muscular and skeletal growth. Saizen also improves metabolism thereby reducing fat percentage and increasing energy levels. The efficiency and growth of other internal organs is also affected by it. It’s used effectively in treating GHD among children as well as adults.

4. Administration. Saizen is administered as subcutaneous injection, meaning that the drug is injected in the fatty tissues lying just below the skin. There are different options of administering the medication like the traditional syringe, portable injecting pen and the electronic delivery device. Your physician will decide the dosage as well as the delivery method for you. Expert opinion should be sought from a qualified medical practitioner before starting the medication.

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