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10mg(30iu) 1.5ml HGH (Human Growth Hormone) cartridges



Omnitrope HGH is a protein natural occurring in the body whose core function is to stimulate growth of cartilage and bones. It is easy to use and it is affordable. Omnitrope comes in packs of 5 of 1.5mI/10mg with an administration pen. It is manufactured through the following ingredients: poloxamer 188, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate, disodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate, Phosphoric acid and/or sodium hydroxide, and water for injection.

Common uses
HGH belongs to a class which is referred as growth stimulants. It is a synthetic growth stimulant manufactured under laboratory conditions. Our bodies have a natural occurring growth hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland and it is necessary to stimulate growth in children. The drug is mainly used in children who are not able to produce the naturally occurring growth hormone. For this reason, it is used to stimulate growth in small children for their gestational age or those have turner syndrome and remain short for no apparent reasons. In adults, it may be used for individuals who have hormone growth deficiency which may cause prolonged childhood. Adult growth hormone deficiency may be caused by hypothalamic disease or pituitary diseases.

This medication should not be administrated to children with active brain tumor, have had kidney transplant, active cancer, respiratory failure (asthma), have had serious accident, after trauma, hypersensitivity to somatropin, acute critical illness, severely obese, and active plorification
Safety information when using this drug
When administering this drug, you should make sure that it is administered through injections only and usually injected in the buttocks, thigh or abdomen.
Before administering, the glucose level should be monitored of all patient, diabetic patients since impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus may be stimulated.
Another important thing that should be monitored before injection is the hormone replacement therapies due to the risk of hypopituarism. On top of that, hypothyroidism should also be assessed since it may get worse or advance to other complications. Formulations that have benzyl alcohol should not be administered to neonates and premature babies.

Side effects
This drug might pose some side effects after administration. It is important to discuss your medical conditions with the doctor before injection. The common side effects likely to be experienced are headache, pain and swelling at the site of injection, tiredness and weakness, muscle pain, joint pain, loss of fatty tissue, carpal tunnel syndrome and swelling of hands, lower legs and feet. Although this side effects happen, if your condition worsen it is advisable to seek medical assistance.
Some medications may interact with this drug such as the oral agents which may require adjustments in diabetes mellitus patients. In women who are undergoing estrogen replacement, somatropin may be needed.

It is easy to administer Omnitrope through pen 5. it delivers a single dose of 2.7mg in increments of 0.05mg. It is prescribed as an injection each day or several days in a week according to the doctor’s prescription. Pen uses liquid cartilage which eliminates the need for mixing. In addition, pen does not require batteries for rewinding and thus eliminates some unnecessary steps and saves much time for the user.

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