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It is a growth hormone available only on doctors’ prescription. It is prescribed to children and teenagers who are growing slowly or too short because of the following;

-They do not have enough growth hormone
-Idiopathic short stature in that too short compared to their peers who they were born with.
-Having chronic Kidney disease (CKD)

Doctors prescribe Nutropin AQ to adults who less growth hormone because;

– Pituitary Disease, hypothalamus diseases, surgery or trauma.
-Treated for growth hormone deficiency in childhood

Dosage and Administration

For subcutaneous injection, therapy with Nutropin AQ should be thoroughly supervised by an experienced physician in management and diagnosis of pediatric patients having very short stature which is associated with GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency).

The dosage of Nutropin AQ should be done individually for each patient separately.

For pediatric growth hormone deficiency, it is highly recommended for a dosage of weekly of at least 0.3mg/kg which is then sub divided into various small injections.

For CKD patients, a prescribed dosage on a weekly basis of around 0.35mg which is then sub divided into small weekly injections.
For patients requiring dialysis, the following should be followed;

-Receive their injection just before going to sleep or 3 to 4 hours after their hemodialysis.
-Chronic Cycling peritoneal Dialysis (CCPD) patients are given their injection in the morning hours after completing their dialysis.
-Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) patients to receive their injection in the evening or at night.

The dosage for short stature which is associated with turner syndrome should be administered by giving a dose by week basis of 0.375mg weight which is then divided into 3 to 7 times equal doses.

Dosing for Adult patients;

For the adults, two approaches can be used either weight based or non weight based regimen.

For the weight based, the most recommended dosage is not more than 0.006mg/kg daily and it can be increased according to how the patient requires but not going beyond 0.25mg/kg daily.

For the Non weight based, 0.2mg/kg is recommended.

The administration of this dosage varies from patient to patient and from male to female.

Storage of Nutropin

The Nutropin AQ must be kept at all times refrigerated at the temperatures of 36 to 46 degrees F. the cartridges and the Nunspin pens should be used within a period of 28 day after use. After the 28 days are over after use, it recommended throwing away any Nutropin that is remaining because it might not be good for use.

It is also recommended that before giving any injection, it good and safe to check the expiration date on the cartridges or pen and avoid using it completely if it is expired.

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