Gensci Jintropin rHGH 100IU


Jintropin® is produced by GenScis patented E.coli secretion expression technology. Jintropin® has the same amino acid
sequence with 191 residues as the native human growth hormone produced in the human body. Jintropin® is a highly
purified preparation of hGH protein.



Jintropin is one of the vital human growth hormones currently in the market. This HGH is made from an adequate amino sequence which is natural to the human body. Genscis a Chinese firm is behind the manufacture of Jintropin. The HGH has a market share value of over 75% making it the leader in the country’s pharmaceutical segment. In the year 1997, Jintropin penetrated the market as the first somatropin brand in the country.


The recombinant HGH (rHGH) works by stimulating linear cell growth. It helps in enhancing the growth rate in kids with insufficient endogenous growth hormone. For adults having vital growth hormone deficiency, the use of this HGH can help in improving their growth rate. It works by enhancing metabolism in adults. Enhanced metabolism ensures it reduces body fats hence higher energy levels. It also increases muscles mass and overall well being of an individual.


Patients suffering from severe burns can use Jintropin. Its also recommended for patients who have undergone major surgeries as a way of increasing their healing rate. Individuals with AIDS use Jintropin as a means of slowing or stopping muscle wastage. Also, young kids who have slow growth can benefit from this HGH which would increase their cell growth.

The drug has also grown in popularity in the recreation field. Bodybuilders are making use of Jintropin to increase their body muscle composition. The HGH is their favorite, and its demand is growing due to high quality, low price, and availability in the black market.


How can one use this HGH? Once you buy the drug, the process of administration is simple. A medical practitioner should recommend the dosage a patient or a user should take per day.

– A user should add 1mg of the WFI to the rHGH vial. The vial is an ionized powder and mix by slowly rotating the mixture until the contents dissolve entirely. The mixture should not be shaken vigorously during the mixing process.

– The dosage is different for individual patients, and a doctor can help you through. A child is recommended to take a dose of 0.1-0.15IU/kg/day.

– The administration should be done once in a day. The treatment duration can vary from three months up to three years.

– Patients who are suffering from severe burns, a dose of 0.2-0.4I U/Kg/Day each day where it should be administered via injection.

– For burn victims, the medication can take two weeks with single daily administrations.

– These doses may be altered to meet individual requirements. You should make sure you follow your doctor’s prescription.

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