Pack: 1 pack x 50 masks



About our product

It can help protect the wearer from other infected people and, if the wearer is infected, from others

Quickly absorb potentially infectious droplets from the surface

Patented antivirus technology;ASTM high barrier protection;Use once and pack separately

Antiviral technology may give the mask an odor that will dissipate over time

Sazag antiviral mask

Whether you are caring for a sick family member or want to protect your health, Sazag antiviral mask will provide you with the protection you need and work hard to keep harmful bacteria away from you and your loved ones.

What is Sazag antiviral mask?

Sazag is the first and only fda-approved antiviral mask in the industry.Compared to all other masks, this one is unique in that it inactivates 99.99 percent of laboratory-tested influenza a and b viruses in five minutes.The mask contains trace amounts of t3’s powerful and safe components – citric acid, copper and zinc – all of which are toxic to harmful pathogens and perfectly safe for humans.The citric acid on the outside of the mask quickly sucks the droplets away from the surface and begins to inactivate the active virus in the coughing and sneezing droplets.As the contaminated droplets pass through the outer surface, the virus hits the second layer of the mask and is captured.Copper and zinc ions embedded in the mask attack and destroy the captured virus, causing the mask to clear 99.99% of influenza a and b viruses.

When should you use Sazag anti-virus mask?

Harmful viruses can spread rapidly through coughing and sneezing, making individuals and the environment a direct route of transmission for these bacteria.Parents or caregivers of young children and/or sick children can help prevent the spread of the bacteria by wearing an antiviral mask.Similarly, caregivers of elderly, ill or immune-impaired patients can wear masks to help protect them.Sazag is safe to use and is the only mask that can provide protection to a higher degree by inactivating harmful and polluting viruses.

What are the correct guidelines for wearing a mask?

Place your ears around your ears to secure the mask to your nose, mouth and chin

After wearing the mask, discard it and wash your hands

Wear a mask if you come within six feet of someone who is sick

If you have the flu, wear a mask before approaching anyone else

If you have the flu and need to see a doctor, wear a mask to protect others in the waiting room

If the flu is widespread in your community, or if you are at high risk of developing flu complications, consider wearing a mask in crowded areas


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