People with diabetes are more likely to get pancreatic cancer?

Tell you the truth about pancreatic cancer
Where is the pancreas?
The pancreas is located in the posterior peritoneal cavity of the upper left abdomen, behind the stomach. Its location is very deep and difficult to feel, so the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are very secretive. What is the use of the pancreas?
The pancreas has two functions. The first function is endocrine insulin to control blood sugar, and the second function is exocrine pancreatic juice to help digest protein and fat. These functions are closely related to blood sugar. Dr. Yu told us that the inexplicable increase in blood sugar in middle-aged people is not necessarily due to diabetes, but may also be an early sign of pancreatic cancer. We must be vigilant and take further CT examinations. People with diabetes are more likely to get pancreatic cancer?
There is a very close relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer. Although the medical profession is still not sure whether high blood sugar causes pancreatic cancer, or pancreatic cancer affects high blood sugar. But what is certain is that diabetic patients must be a high-risk group of pancreatic cancer. The risk of pancreatic cancer in diabetic patients is at least 8-10 times higher than that in patients without diabetes. Therefore, Dr. Yu has always advocated for high-risk groups to have thin-slice enhanced CT of the upper abdomen every year, and we must pay attention to it and not panic.

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