Pain and only want to take painkillers? In view of different situation, deal with, difference is very big

Pain is a common clinical symptom, because most diseases and injuries can cause pain, and the nature of each pain can be significantly different.
Some mild pain does not cause great harm to the body, but will always have an impact on the quality of life of the patient.

Occurrence ache can you use analgesic?

In life, when a person has pain symptoms, most of them will first choose painkillers or treat the pain site, but this method is not always correct.
Because before solving the pain symptoms, we must first understand the nature and cause of the pain, sometimes it may be the pain symptoms caused by the disease, it is necessary to immediately judge the disease, if the blind use of painkillers, which will affect the efficiency of the diagnosis of the disease.
If the pain is caused by trauma, it is generally necessary to use painkillers as appropriate. Excessive use of painkillers will affect the patient’s protection of the wound. It is generally considered to use painkillers when the pain is severe.

How to deal with the pain problem?

  1. Oral painkillers

Oral pain relievers are a common way to treat pain symptoms in the clinic, mainly when pain is caused by a medical condition.
Because oral drugs can deal with a variety of pain problems, for some severe pain also has a good effect, generally can get the satisfaction of patients.
And oral medications take longer to work and can help patients better manage their pain symptoms.

2, cold compress pain

Cold compress pain is a common way to deal with pain symptoms in life, especially sprain or fall. There is congestion in the wound area, so cold compress pain is more appropriate.
Sprain and fall in the early stage will cause local blood vessel rupture, causing hematoma problems, if the blind use of drugs or the choice of hot compress, often lead to more serious hematoma, so early cold compress pain relief is more effective.

3, the treatment of primary disease

In the early detection of disease pain symptoms, in addition to the choice of analgesic drugs, can also control the primary disease to achieve analgesic effect.
Because there are some internal diseases, the effect of taking painkillers in the early stage is not ideal, such as acute cholecystitis or acute appendicitis, the symptoms of these acute abdominal diseases are more severe, so it is often necessary to control the primary disease in the early stage to relieve the pain.
Surgery or help patients with long-term conservative treatment is usually needed to gradually relieve the pain.

  1. Narcotic drugs

Anesthetic drugs are usually administered by injection.
Generally, anesthesia drugs will be used to relieve pain after surgery or severe trauma. The pain of patients is relatively intense, so oral medicine alone can not help patients relieve the symptoms of the disease. At this time, anesthesia drugs can be used to control the pain in a short time.

  1. Physical therapy

Physical therapy is mainly through a variety of instruments for local treatment, in clinical usually have electric therapy or magnetic therapy and other ways of physical therapy, for pain is not obvious or long-term symptoms of hidden pain, has a good effect.

Not all pain symptoms need immediate analgesic treatment. Sometimes blind analgesia can be counterproductive. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize the disease according to your own situation.
When the pain is intense and unbearable, you can also choose the appropriate treatment to relieve the pain, but you still need to carry out comprehensive treatment of the disease.

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