Osteoporosis is treated more seriously, how to return a responsibility?Maybe it’s not a calcium deficiency. Check the thyroid

Introduction: Osteoporosis is a kind of whole-body bone disease. It is mainly due to the loss of more calcium substances after aging, which leads to the reduction of bone mass and the destruction of internal structure. At this time, bones will become very brittle, and the risk of osteoporosis begins to increase.

In recent years, as the aging population continues to increase, the number of fractures caused by osteoporosis is also on the rise, among which the elderly aged 60 years old have a higher prevalence rate. Among the elderly at this age, the female group is far more than the male group.

In order to avoid the final development of fractures, it is necessary to treat osteoporosis, this kind of treatment is mostly the use of daily life conditioning, calcium is the most important.
However, not all people are effective calcium supplements, and some people have a more serious case of calcium supplements, 60-year-old Uncle Liu is one of them.

This year’s 60-year-old uncle liu, five years ago found himself with the problem of osteoporosis, at that time in addition to backache, also did not feel any other discomfort, in order to treat osteoporosis, uncle every day calcium, all kinds of calcium supplements and food are not less to eat.

After holding on like this for a while, the symptoms of the body almost cleared up, but before long, the bones in other parts of the body began to ache again, even worse than before.
In order not to interfere with daily activities, had to undergo knee replacement surgery, so far has done two such operations.

At the beginning of the uncle also do not understand, it is ordinary osteoporosis, usually calcium work also did not fall, according to the truth should be alleviated a lot of, how can more fill more serious?

For such a problem, the doctor could not give a reasonable explanation for a time, but after a series of examinations, it was found that the original uncle’s osteoporosis is not caused by a lack of calcium, the original is caused by the parathyroid gland.

What is the relationship between parathyroid glands and osteoporosis?

Maybe we have only heard of thyroid gland at ordinary times, may not know very much about parathyroid gland, in fact, it is also an important organ in the human body, there are four normal, each only 35 milligrams, the image point is as big as the soybeans we eat.

This organ seems to be ordinary, but it can also get sick. If there are tumors, cancers, hyperplasia and other diseases in the body, the parathyroid gland will be repeatedly stimulated in the process of onset, and finally cause lesions.

When the parathyroid gland changes, it can cause special osteoporosis problems

The daily work of this organ is mainly used to manage the calcium in our body. Calcium in the body is not only supplemented by the daily food, but also in the bones and blood.
With the help of the parathyroid gland, these calcium substances can be reasonably distributed, so as to ensure the balance of blood calcium in our body.

But if this organ happens pathological changes, hormone secretion imbalance, at this time the bad hormone will continue to destroy our body bone cells, so that our bones become very brittle, easy to cause special osteoporosis, and even finally cause fracture.

Patients usually more calcium, more adverse to health

When osteoporosis appears, we will be the first time to supplement calcium, but if the parathyroid gland lesions, calcium supplement may not be an easy thing, and even hurt the body.
At this time the bones have been in a disastrous state, unable to absorb calcium substances normally, may fill in the calcium, finally into the blood inside.
At this time, it will bring a great burden to the kidneys and heart. If a lot of supplements will eventually cause uremia, kidney failure and so on, which will do great harm to people’s health.

Usually, how should we judge whether they are parathyroid gland problems?

First, look at the symptoms

(1) joint pain and weakness without any reason

In fact, there is usually pain above the joint, everyone will feel that is caused by calcium deficiency, as long as it is good to make up for calcium, in fact, it is not.
If parathyroid disease occurs, the bones become brittle, pain is common, and fatigue and weakness are common.

(2) easy to be irritable

Under normal circumstances, people’s emotional ups and downs are not so big, and occasionally they may get angry because of small things, which is very normal.
But if there is a problem with the parathyroid gland, hormone secretion will be abnormal, at this time the person’s mood will also have fluctuations, easy to frequent anger and anxiety, etc.

(3) Constant need for water and urination

Some people at ordinary times may not love to drink water, occasionally drink water just because the mouth is too dry, but if all of a sudden special want to drink water, urine also continues to increase, may be related to the occurrence of parathyroid lesions.

(4) I have a bad appetite and feel like vomiting

Eating some delicious food itself is a very enjoyable thing, but if there has been no want to eat, see the food is not interested, but also always appear the phenomenon of nausea to vomit, perhaps with the parathyroid disease is also related.

Two, go to the hospital to draw a blood, do B ultrasound examination

In addition to the physical symptoms, the more intuitive way is to go to the hospital to draw blood, if the test results show a high blood calcium concentration, may indicate that there is something wrong with the parathyroid gland.
In addition, if you feel that the blood is not so clear, you can also go to do a B ultrasound examination.

So, if you usually suspect that your parathyroid gland has a problem, you can simply look at the symptoms of the body, and then go to the hospital for a detailed examination, you can treat the disease.

If the parathyroid is really sick, what should the patient do?

In fact, such a disease is not what incurable disease, we do not too panic, but also do not let it regardless, otherwise easy to cause bone diseases, is also an impact on health.

Taking drugs is certainly not necessary, but when taking such drugs, patients should also know that it may take a long time to take, and some drugs are more expensive, and the final cost will be better.
In addition, due to physical problems, many patients may develop certain drug resistance while eating, and the control of the disease is not so ideal.

So far, the better treatment is surgery, through the surgical resection can achieve the purpose of radical cure, on the back of life will not have too much impact.

Conclusion: I believe we all know that osteoporosis is not a simple problem as long as calcium supplements, if it is the disease of the parathyroid gland, calcium supplements may only aggravate the condition, or even fracture, to check the cause of disease can be treated symptomatic.

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