Novel Coronavirus case found in Korea was infected with an imported person from the UK

Authorities in the Republic of Korea (ROK) said Monday that the country has detected its first case of COVID-19 infection, Local media reported.

A novel Coronavirus mutation was found in the samples of patients with confirmed NOVEL coronavirus who arrived from the UK on December 22, said the Central Epidemic Prevention Countermeasures Division of the Korea Office of Disease Management on December 28.

People wait for a test outside a temporary screening station near the Gangnam SAN Station subway station in Seoul.
Photo by China News Service reporter Zeng Nai

The three, a family living in London, were confirmed during immigration tests and are currently under quarantine.

In addition, a further four persons from the United Kingdom have been confirmed and are investigating whether they were infected with a mutation coronavirus.

South Korea’s epidemic prevention authorities say they are stepping up quarantine efforts in response to the current influx of COVID-19 into the country in other countries.

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