Not all of the tofu is calcium good taste, rheumatism patients you eat right?

The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents recommend 800mg of calcium per person per day for adults and 1,000 mg for people over 50.
Soy products are recognized as a good source of calcium in many foods, but not all of them are rich in calcium.

Tofu, it is soybean passes soaking, ground, after boiling pulp to take out residue commonly, join coagulant, finalize the design and become.
The key to calcium content is the coagulant, which contains a lot of calcium ions.



In the bean curd, the calcium content of the traditional northern bean curd is relatively high, up to 105mg/100g. The coagulant used is mainly brine, which has higher hardness, stronger toughness and lower water content. It is more suitable for stir-frying or frying.



The calcium content of southern tofu is generally about 113mg/100g, and the coagulant is mostly gypsum and the ingredient is calcium sulfate. The water content of tofu produced is a little higher, and the taste is more delicate, soft and tender, which is suitable for salad and soup.

Both of these types of tofu are excellent sources of calcium.


Lactone tofu

The calcium content of lactone tofu is only about 17mg/100g, and it is produced by using gluconic acid-Δ-lactone as the coagulant.
Relatively speaking, contain calcium quantity not calculate tall, do not suit to use supplement calcium.


The Japanese tofu

The main raw material of tofu in Japan is eggs. It looks moist, white and tender, and tastes smooth. It gets its name because its texture is similar to tofu, but its calcium content is very low.

Dried bean curd, vegetarian chicken, bean curd skin, shredded tofu

Soybean products such as dried bean curd, vegetarian chicken, bean curd skin and shredded bean curd are processed with calcium-containing coagulants, which are good sources of calcium. The calcium content of dried bean curd is 447mg/100g, the calcium content of vegetarian chicken is 319mg/100g, the calcium content of bean curd skin is 239mg/100g, and the calcium content of shredded bean curd is 204mg/100g.

Soya-bean milk

Soybeans are indeed rich in calcium, but when water is added to make soy milk, the calcium content is diluted to 5 mg/100 g, which is extremely low.
So, soya – bean milk cannot replace milk to fill calcium.

But on the other hand, soy milk contains dietary fiber, soybean oligosaccharide, soy isoflavone, plant sterol and other healthy substances, the best suggestion is food diversification, soy milk, milk should be drunk.

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