Non-infectious! The sputum of 300 asymptomatic infected persons in Wuhan did not produce live virus

More accurate for the normalized epidemic prevention and control work, the asymptomatic infection management more scientific, let the people of the whole country and the people of wuhan more at ease, zhuhai on June 1, on May 14 – found concentrated nucleic acid detection screening 300 asymptomatic infection, extract the sputum and pharyngeal swab samples, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wuhan virus viruses isolated culture, 300 doses samples failed to produce “live virus”.

Experts believe that asymptomatic infected persons have no culture of the virus in their sputum or throat swab samples, indicating very low levels of the virus in the samples or the absence of the pathogenic “live virus”.
At the same time, wipe samples were collected from personal items such as toothbrushes, mugs, masks and towels used by 300 asymptomatic infected persons. The test results were all negative.
The nucleic acid test results of 1,174 close contacts of 300 asymptomatic infected persons were negative, indicating that the asymptomatic infected persons found in Zhuhai are not contagious.

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