Nearly 200 cases of the mutated virus have been reported in the United States and many places are running out of vaccine stocks

North Carolina has reported the first case of the mutant novel coronavirus infection reported in the United Kingdom, NBC News reported Wednesday.
North Carolina health officials are urging people to stay indoors and follow quarantine rules.

At least 195 cases of the mutant novel coronavirus have been reported in 22 states as of Tuesday, with 72 cases reported in California, 50 in Florida and 22 in New York.

The Covid-19 outbreak in the United States continues to spread, but the problem of vaccine supplies failing to move forward as planned in many places continues.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that health officials across the United States are growing increasingly desperate as vaccine supplies run low and stocks run out.

During one of the deadliest phases of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, health officials across the country grew increasingly desperate over the lack of vaccine supplies, the report said.
Thousands of vaccination appointments have been cancelled or put on hold in multi-state health systems across the US.
A hospital in South Carolina had to cancel 6,000 vaccination appointments because it had only 450 doses of the new crown vaccine in stock.
The distribution of new crown vaccines in the United States is so chaotic and fragmented that local officials are unable to determine how much vaccine they have in stock, The New York Times commented.

As of Tuesday, more than 39.8 million doses of the new crown vaccine have been distributed in the United States, but only about 19 million doses have been administered, according to the CDC.
There is currently no federal guidance on vaccine distribution and the aftermath of vaccination, leaving state governments to fend for themselves, leading to chaotic distribution of vaccines.

In Dallas County, Texas, authorities recently canceled a program to prioritize vaccinations for communities with large populations of African-Americans and Latinos because of limited vaccine availability.
The governor of Texas said the booking website crashed and service calls went unanswered in many areas after the information was posted.
Many people also reported that the process of making an appointment for vaccination was difficult and the probability of success was low.
A sense of distribution-based confusion pervads state health systems across the United States, as local governments and agencies struggle to fill gaps left by a lack of coordinated federal efforts, The New York Times commented.

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