Mutated virus mutates again!

At the beginning of last year, the new coronavirus broke out all over the world, and many countries fell into epidemic situation. But a year later, the new coronavirus is still rampant around the world. Now the epidemic situation in Europe and the United States is very serious, especially with the arrival of winter, the epidemic situation in many countries rebounds again. As early as in the past, the UK has already found the mutant virus, and now the UK has once again sent major bad news to wake up the world.
Great bad news from Britain
Recently, the BBC released a report that a new variant virus has been found in the new coronavirus spreading in the UK. This news has been confirmed by British scientists. The mutation of the new coronavirus in the UK has once again attracted the attention of all countries in the world, which is also extremely worrying.
Recently, British scientists in the study of the new coronavirus found that they detected e484k mutation from the samples. In fact, the e484k mutation has appeared in Brazil and South Africa, and now it has spread to the UK. Although British scientists pointed out that the mutation was found in some samples in the UK, it does not mean that it has spread in the UK, and the vaccine inoculated has effect on such mutation.
Ring the alarm for the world
At present, the new coronavirus epidemic situation in the UK is still very serious. So far, more than 4 million people have been diagnosed and more than 110000 people have died. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, England has carried out virus detection in many places. The British government has also issued relevant policies to limit domestic travel. Julian Tang, a virus expert at the University of Leicester in the UK, also called for strict prevention and control in order to control the spread of the virus.
British scientists said that the virus mutation is not accidental, they are still further research on the mutation of the virus. According to world health experts, the mutant virus is more infectious than the common virus, and the infected people will be infected again. In addition, the vaccine may not have any effect on it.
For the discovery of new mutant virus in the UK, health experts have conducted research on it and said that it is not good news that the virus is resistant to the vaccine, which means that the vaccination can not resist the invasion of the new mutant virus. However, the transmissibility of the mutant virus is stronger, which has sounded an alarm to all countries in the world. Now the UK has taken measures to ban it. Due to the strict anti epidemic measures introduced by the British government, the number of newly diagnosed cases in many places in the UK has decreased significantly recently.
The introduction of the vaccine has also brought great relief to the epidemic situation in the UK. However, the mutation of the virus makes the UK fall into panic again, and the future development of the epidemic needs to strengthen prevention in order to be alleviated. Countries around the world are also vigilant and have taken relevant measures to limit the spread of the virus. The virus mutation can not be controlled, but the global efforts can still reduce the spread.

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