Milk? Yogurt? Which kind of good does nephrotic patient drink?

Doctor, my kidney is not good, can I drink milk?

Doctor, I drink a milk to have loose bowels how to return a responsibility?

Doctor, the kind of milk is so much, which kind of good does nephrotic patient drink?

Milk, an excellent source of calcium and high-quality protein, can be drunk by people with kidney disease.
Daily moderate drinking can not only meet their own nutritional needs, but also will not increase the burden of the kidney.

Suggestion: One cup (about 250ml) a day is recommended.

Knowledge: Studies have shown that drinking a glass of milk or yogurt a day can reduce cardiovascular disease.
As is known to all, kidney disease often causes cardiovascular problems. Many patients with kidney disease die prematurely from cardiovascular diseases before they develop uremia. Therefore, prevention of cardiovascular diseases in advance is an essential lesson for every kidney friend.

How is a milk loose bowels to return a responsibility?

Drinking milk diarrhea may be indigestion, lactose intolerance, milk allergy and other reasons.

Indigestion: if it is the loose bowels caused by indigestion, it is suggested that when drinking, do not empty stomach, eat together with other staple food, can greatly reduce the symptoms of belching and diarrhea.

Lactose intolerance: Lactose intolerant kidney friends, it is recommended to try not to drink milk containing lactose.
Choose yogurt or low lactose milk.
Or if you don’t want to, another option is to drink milk in small amounts more than once.

Allergy: And the person that is allergic to pure milk had better not drink pure milk again at ordinary times, but the person that is not certain is allergic to pure milk also can do an allergen to detect, and later still can carry on desensitization treatment under the doctor’s guidance.

Which kind of milk does kidney friend drink suit more?

Kidney patients should try not to choose whole milk.
Whole milk is high in saturated fatty acids, which are not good for cardiovascular health and therefore not suitable for patients with kidney disease.

For patients with high uric acid, skim milk or low fat milk is recommended.

If kidney disease accompanied by high blood phosphorus, should drink less or do not drink milk, all kinds of dairy phosphorus content are high.

People with “lactose intolerance” or lactase deficiency problems, such as bloating, bowel noise and diarrhea, can choose yogurt, or “low lactose milk” (shu milk on the market, can avoid lactose intolerance).

Helicobacter pylori infection is high and can cause stomach upsets.
People infected with Helicobacter pylori are advised to drink low-fat yogurt, and for some constipated people, yogurt may also have some laxative effects.

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