Many people in the United States stressed that novel coronavirus originated from nature

The evidence suggests that novel coronavirus came from nature, not man made, U.S. joint chiefs of staff chairman John miley told a pentagon news conference on May 5.Mr Milly’s comments are at odds with recent comments by some us politicians about the source of the virus.

The conspiracy theory that the virus originated in a laboratory has been widely refuted in the United States.U.S. director of national intelligence nominee John ratcliffe told a senate confirmation hearing May 5 that he had seen no evidence that the novel coronavirus originated in a laboratory.On April 30, the office of the director of national intelligence said in a statement that the intelligence community agreed with a broad scientific consensus that novel coronavirus is not a man-made virus and has not been genetically engineered.

Current and former U.S. officials said the federal government was pressing intelligence agencies to find evidence linking the novel coronavirus to the lab, according to an earlier article in the New York times.Some politicians also plan to broaden their criticism of China to divert attention from domestic issues ahead of the us election.People in the intelligence community worry that high-level pressure could distort the novel coronavirus assessment and use it as a political weapon.

The conspiracy theory that the virus originated in a laboratory has also been rejected by the American scientific community.Anthony fauci, a member of the White House response task force and director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, said in a recent interview with national geographic magazine that the evidence clearly shows that “this virus is not man-made or intentional.”He said the idea that a virus might be discovered in nature, brought back to a research facility and then released was circular and not worth wasting time on.Fauci suggested that the American public get their information through reputable platforms.According to newsweek, fauci, who represents scientists in the U.S. response to the outbreak, refutes Suggestions by some politicians that the virus may have originated in a laboratory.

There are also new findings about the spread of the disease in the United States.The first case of novel coronavirus infection in the United States occurred on January 21, according to government data.However, Michael mellum, mayor of belleville, New Jersey, told reporters that he probably contracted a novel coronavirus in November.”We’ve heard about some fairly atypical fluid-like illnesses in December and January,” Louis ostrosky, a professor of infectious diseases at the university of Texas medical science center, told USA today in March.He believes that only by actually starting to test for antibodies, and not just for viruses, can the problem be clarified.

Health experts in the United States generally agree that the current source of the virus is unknown and that there is no evidence to support the so-called “laboratory leak theory.”Dr. Christian Anderson, an infectious disease specialist at the Scripps research institute, said it was highly unlikely the virus had spread from the lab.Anderson told the New York times that based on the evidence his team gathered, “there is no reason to think that a laboratory leak is a potential explanation.”Novel coronavirus transmission is extremely unlikely to have originated in a laboratory leak, jona mazzette, an epidemiologist at the university of California, Davis, told business insider.The novel coronavirus gene sequences do not match other coronavirus samples known in the laboratory, and there is a long history of animal-to-human epidemics, Dr. Marzet said.

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