Learn to self-diagnose heart disease

China is a major country of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
According to statistics made in 2011, the number of people suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China is as high as 290 million, which means that one in five adults on average is a patient with cardiovascular diseases, which is a terrible number.

When it comes to heart disease, many people don’t begin to care about treatment until after they get sick.

If the disease is detected early, it can be treated early and cured as soon as possible.
So how do we diagnose ourselves?
Let’s take a look

Self-diagnosis of heart disease

1, physical activity have palpitations, fatigue, shortness of breath and other discomfort, or have difficulty in breathing.

  1. When you are tired or nervous, you may suddenly feel pain or chest tightness.
  2. Occurrence of tachycardia, slowness, shortness or irregularity of pulse.

4, sleep or nightmare process suddenly woke up, feel palpitation, chest tightness, poor breathing, need to sit up for a while to get better.

  1. Feel dyspnea, chest tightness or chest pain during sex.
  2. Heart palpitations, chest tightness or chest pain when eating a heavy meal, being cold, smoking, or watching a tense movie or TV.
  3. In public places, it is easy to feel chest tightness, poor breathing and insufficient air.
  4. Have palpitations and shortness of breath more often when walking upstairs than before or than others.

9, a sudden onset of palpitations, dizziness, black eyes, a sense of falling.

  1. Children’s activity ability is worse than that of the same age, and they feel palpitation, shortness of breath, fatigue and purple lips when they are active.

11, after a cold light work also feel palpitations, fatigue, or walk a little fast will feel short of breath.

12, sudden chest discomfort and faint on the ground, or the feeling of imminent “death”.

13, sleep at night when the pillow is low, feel difficult to breathe, need to sleep high pillow.

14, when the rest of the conscious heart abnormal sound, or touch the chest wall before the heart tremor feeling.

5 Characteristics of Heart pain

First, the nature of pain

A heart attack has pain in the front of the heart, which is like squeezing the heart with your hand,

Or an indescribable discomfort, sometimes pain from chest to back

Second, the area of pain

Heart disease pain occurred in the left chest in the middle and lower sternum, the area about the size of the palm, can be left scapula, small finger side radiation, a small number of patients can show toothache, throat tightness, stomachache.
And the pain site that adds heart disease usually changes a lot, can be in left heart front area such as pinhead big area, ache here for a while, uncomfortable there for a while, the position is not fixed normally.

Again, if you have a basic history of hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, once you have pain in the epigastric region, don’t take it lightly. Many heart diseases delay the treatment because the pain occurs in the epigastric region and is mistaken for stomachache.

Third, the time of the pain

Heart attack pain usually does not last long, generally no more than 15 minutes, if more than half an hour is a heart attack

Fourth, what happens when symptoms occur

Usually heart disease occurs more in labor, effort, emotional excitement, stool, fatigue and other cardiac oxygen consumption increase

Fifth, the time of occurrence

Heart attacks most often occur between midnight and 9 a.m

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