It’s the first bean of summer!It’s like “botanical antibiotics”!

Foot steamed summer soil, back burning light.
Although the time into the summer is not long, but we can already feel the hot face when we go out.
To relieve the heat is an eternal topic in summer.
At this time, you must also need a little – mung beans.
Understand the summer first bean life, mung bean has been deeply loved by people, it is rich in nutrition, the effect is outstanding, is one of the ingredients of medicine and food homology, known as “food in the best, help the world long valley” said.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung beans taste sweet, cool, home, stomach meridian, function of clearing heat and detoxification, cooling water.
Therefore, use it well in summer, the benefits are particularly many:
Mung beans have heat-clearing effect, this “hot” not only refers to “summer heat”, as long as people say “heat”, like eyes red swelling pain, gums, sore throat, tinnitus or nosebleed, are dry gas damage body fluid, appropriate to eat mung beans can remove the body dry fire.
Here poison has two meanings. First, it refers to the pathogenic factors from outside, such as bacteria, viruses, various kinds of pollution and so on.
Second, refers to the ingestion of harmful substances.
Modern medical research shows that mung beans can play an antibacterial role indirectly through improving immune function, which means that many suppurative diseases on our body surface can be used to alleviate symptoms, especially wound infection, folliculitis, blepharitis, bedsore infection, abscess around anus.
In addition, mung bean is rich in protein, tannin and flavonoids, etc., can be combined with organophosphorus pesticides, mercury, arsenic, lead and other compounds to form precipitates, so that it reduce or lose toxicity.
Tips: we must keep in mind that if used to detoxify mung beans, boil them for a long time, boil them thoroughly, and then put some salt, or honey to drink.
The heat
Mung beans can be used to prevent and treat heat invasion of the body.
Summer for the main summer gas, summer for Yang evil, internal disturbing mind is agitated;
Decoction burning body fluid is dry mouth thirsty to drink, short urine;
Forced to leak out the sweat;
Heat evil rise on make dizzy dizzy.
Mung beans can clear away heat and remove the evil of summer heat. Fried mung beans with a lot of water as mung bean soup can supplement body fluid and clear away heat.
That’s why a bowl of mung bean soup is a quick way to beat the summer heat.
Tips: need to remind everyone is that, because the ingredients of mung bean heat mainly in mung bean skin, so used to relieve the heat of mung bean, boil time do not boil too long, boil the pot about 15 minutes to 20 minutes can be.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that summer “heat damp easy to trap the spleen and stomach.”
That is to say, the heat dampness is serious, will lead to the decline of the spleen and stomach function, people will have loss of appetite, stomach and stomach distension, and mung beans can supplement the stomach, clear the stomach heat, appetite, increase the ability of the spleen and stomach transport, contribute to the absorption of nutrition in the human body.
Protect liver
Chinese medicine believes that mung bean color green into the liver, can clear the liver through phase fire, appropriate summer consumption, nourishing the liver liver protection effect.
Modern medicine also shows that the active substance in mung bean has strong antioxidant effect, has a preventive and protective effect on alcoholic liver cell injury, can protect liver cells from the damage of free radicals, and assist the liver to detoxify.
Mung bean soup, why “not green”?
Mung beans are rich in phenols, which will oxidize when they encounter oxygen and turn pink after oxidation. The longer the storage time, the darker the color of the mung bean soup will be, the more nutrients will be lost, and the lower its antioxidant capacity will be.
In addition, tap water in some parts of China contains more minerals, which will accelerate the oxidation of phenolic compounds in mung beans.
But the general mung bean soup red can continue to eat, will not have an impact on health, but its ability to reduce the heat is weak, the nutrition is not so comprehensive.
So how do we maintain the nutrition and make the original color of the mung bean soup?
Choose a pot
Avoid using an iron pan, where metal ions can form “compounds” with polyphenols and make the soup dark. It is better to use a pressure cooker, which isolates oxygen and shortens the cooking time.
Choose water
It is best to cook in pure water, but you can also add a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar to the tap water.
We can boil the water and then put the mung beans soaked, cook for 10 minutes or so, the soup clear green, summer effect is the best.
Mung bean soup with some ingredients only boiled mung bean, seems a little monotonous, if put some of its good partners, mung bean soup becomes more rich, and the effect will be better.
Add red jujube — invigorate spleen and enrich blood
Compared with other seasons, summer is rainy, coupled with the invasion of heat and humidity, people are easy to lose appetite, might as well add a little red dates in mung bean soup.
Mung bean with invigorating spleen qi, blood nourishing blood jujube, the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, invigorating spleen and blood, appetite is very good.
Materials: 300 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of jujube, sugar amount.
Practice: directly into the pot after adding water, fire after boiling, then switch to a small fire;
When mung beans and dates are soft as mud, turn off the fire and add sugar to taste them.
Add kelp to prevent prickly heat
High temperature weather, children are easy to give birth to prickly heat, parents can add kelp in mung bean soup.
Kelp can enhance resistance, play a role in clearing heat and detoxification, detumescence and diuretics.
Ingredients: 100 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of kelp, 50 grams of sugar.
Practice: pour the ingredients into 1000 milliliters of water, then add sugar, simmer slowly for half an hour.
Note: kelp bubble time should not be too long, so as not to dissolve the surface layer of mannitol kelp, this substance has the effect of swelling diuretic.
Add mint — clear throat and quicken throat
Summer temperature is high, a lot of people feel dry throat, like holding back a group of “fire”.
Mong bean soup has its own decrease internal heat effect, but peppermint is even more effective.
Peppermint is pungent and cool. Use the two together for a better effect.
Ingredients: 100 grams of mung beans, dried mint and sugar.
Practice: cook the mung bean soup first, then rinse the dry mint with water, add water to soak for half an hour, and then boil with fire and cool down;
Strain the mint water and mix well with the cooled mung bean soup.
Add tangerine peel to strengthen the spleen and help digestion
People in the summer of the spleen and stomach easy to feel uncomfortable, a little greasy or eat more will feel uncomfortable abdominal distension.
Adding tangerine peel in mung bean soup can play a good role in invigorating the spleen.
Ingredients: mung bean 50 grams, tangerine peel, rock sugar amount.
Practice: the first soaking good mung beans into the water fire to boil, slowly cooked into a slow fire;
When mung beans will be ripe into tangerine peel, and finally add rock sugar flavor edible.
Add honeysuckle to prevent heat stroke
Honeysuckle is sweet and cold, and it also has a certain effect on relieving wind and heat colds, fever and other maladies.
Materials: 100 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of honeysuckle, sugar appropriate amount of practice: mung beans, honeysuckle into the pot, add water to cook the right amount for about 10 minutes.
These 6 kinds of people want to eat mung bean less traditional Chinese medicine thinks, mung bean is cold cool, not everyone suits to eat, some people ate can cause body discomfort instead.
People with physical deficiency and cold
People with weak and cold constitution should not drink too much mung bean soup, otherwise it will easily lead to diarrhea and even reduce the digestive system immunity.
Patients with gout
Mung bean belongs to medium purine content (every 100 grams containing 50~100 milligrams of purine) food, gout patients (especially related to joint inflammation) had better eat less.
Take warm Chinese medicine
Mung beans can solve the medicinal properties of warm and hot Chinese medicine. Eating mung beans when drinking Chinese medicine will reduce the curative effect of medicine.
Therefore, people who are taking warm Chinese medicine had better not take it.
Menstrual period women
Menstrual women’s physique is cold, drink mung bean soup easily lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis, cause abdominal pain, and even aggravate dysmenorrhea.
A person with a weak spleen and stomach
The mung bean is cold and rich in protein. The digestive function of people with weak spleen and stomach is relatively poor. It is difficult to digest the mung bean protein in a short time, and it is easy to cause diarrhea due to indigestion.
A pregnant woman
Lysine, protein, vitamin, calcium, zinc and other components contained in mung bean can effectively prevent and cure pregnancy oedema, it is good food.
But sex cold, pregnant women do not drink more.

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