Ito: I hate to go to China to disinfect things often, and I feel like a virus

Mima Ito lost to Ishikawa Kasumi and missed the Japanese championship. After losing, Mima Ito, in addition to resuming her decisive performance, expressed that she felt very disappointed. Like a dream, she also talked about the most memorable things in 2020 in an interview. The answer of the first sister of the Japanese women’s team is to go to China to play.

“I was affected by the epidemic last year. The most memorable thing for me was to participate in the competition in China. After 8 months, the ITTF-sponsored event kicked off again. I went to participate in the Women’s Table Tennis World Cup and the finals because of the expedition. During this period, quarantine was required, so the expedition lasted for 38 days.”

Speaking of being quarantined in China, Ito said: “After arriving at the Chinese airport, you cannot meet with anyone. The moving route is fixed. When the staff in white protective clothing surrounds the destination, they undergo a nucleic acid test at the airport. After the nucleic acid test, I have to do it every two or three days, and the items I carry must be disinfected. Although I know this is necessary in my mind, I feel like I have become a germ. To be honest, I hate it. “

“In the hotel, I was in a closed state for 4 days, and I felt unable to breathe the outside air. I was always alone in the room, and I had to check my temperature when delivering meals. I celebrated my 20th birthday during the isolation period, and the first thing I saw The staff in protective clothing actually likes to talk, so I felt very painful these 4 days. Fortunately, I received various messages on social platforms on my birthday, and I felt that I was alive again.”

Regarding the closed-door game, Mima Ito said that he was not used to it. “There are no spectators in the game, and there has been no applause. It feels very strange and likes the lively atmosphere, so I still hope that there will be fans. Of course, considering the epidemic, I think this There is no alternative.”

In Mima Ito’s opinion, the biggest surprise of the game in China is to practice with Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha of the Chinese team. “Both of them made very few mistakes. I am happy to be able to train so effectively and feel stronger. Chen Meng It gives people a sense of calmness. Sun Yingsha is unpretentious and the two people are of good character. Although this expedition is more tiring than usual, I think it’s great to be able to participate.”

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