Is the virus losing its virulence?

In this novel coronavirus, people all over the world have suffered and suffered, but they have never given up.
And in recent days, the world has finally received a good news to save people from “suffering”.
Scientists in Italy have found that the virus is slowly becoming less virulent and that future infections are likely to be mostly asymptomatic.

This is a reassurance to people around the world that asymptomatic patients do not cause any harm to the body and can recover only with safe treatment.
Scientists in Italy discovered a variant while studying the virus.
They found that the virulence of the variant was slowly diminishing.
They exposed the variant to healthy cells and found that it no longer killed the healthy cells.

So the Italian scientists came to the conclusion that they suspected seasonal infection with the novel coronavirus.
In high temperatures such as summer, the virus will not survive.
But once in the winter and other cold conditions, the virus activity will slowly become active.
But that does not mean the virus can be eliminated.

So the struggle for protest is not over.
Or develop a vaccine that will kill him.
The progress of vaccine research in China has made a qualitative leap.
It is not long before a viral vaccine can be marketed.

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