In another country, two novel coronavirus new strains appeared, which were more infectious

With the passage of time, a novel Coronavirus has also started to evolve. Some countries have found the variant of a novel Coronavirus. Among them, the UK is in the most critical situation.
It is undoubtedly a huge challenge for the world to fight against COVID-19. Fortunately, the research and development of COVID-19 vaccine is relatively smooth. Some countries have started the vaccination work, but it will take a long time before the vaccine is fully rolled out.

The virus in Britain has mutated

Recently, one of the worst news about the epidemic situation is that a study in The UK found that novel Coronavirus had a mutation, which was more contagious than the previous common virus and was 70% more contagious. This led to the further aggravation of the epidemic situation in the UK and the number of infected people kept climbing.
The Johnson administration has ordered the closure of the city, and Londoners are fleeing ahead of the ban, which has resulted in crowded train stations, subways and other places.
Even willing to stay in the city, the city people began to crazy shopping, for a rainy day, in addition, Christmas comes, many londoners also bear so much, still go out or party, enjoy the holiday, the occurrence of these situations, causes the crowds gathered phenomenon is very serious, the spread will be more quickly, I’m afraid that was the British government did not expect.

Other countries have similar situations

In addition to the UK, the continent of South Africa, and South America Ecuador were found will be coronavirus variants, however, by contrast, found that these variants and Britain is not the same, this also means that will be in different areas of the coronavirus has started to evolve, although in such aspects as fatality rate seems to have no obvious change, but the same is that they all infectious greatly enhanced.
It makes sense, after all, that the longer viruses are around, the more likely they are to evolve into more frightening forms.

Vaccine to open

Many companies have already developed vaccines and started mass production and vaccination, such as in the United States, where President-elect Joe Biden led the way.
China’s vaccine has performed so well that many countries have introduced it, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Middle East, Indonesia in Asia, Brazil in South America and so on.
But it will take a mass vaccination campaign to make a difference, and it will probably take until next year to see some results.

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