How will humans finally overcome viruses? I think it should be unity

A sudden outbreak affected the hearts of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese. They donated money and donated money to support domestic epidemic prevention and control work.
Xu Yuzhou is the president of the Iberian Chinese Tour Guides Association. He was very sad when he heard the news of the closure of Wuhan in China. During the SARS period in 2003, he was a tour guide in Spain and felt the horror of the epidemic. In addition, the epidemic has a particularly great impact on the tourism industry. For Chinese people who are engaged in tour guides overseas, they are the most hopeful for the safety of Cathay Pacific, and the epidemic will pass early. But how to support domestic compatriots, they first transformed into global procurement, searched for masks all over the world, and used the channels of the reception team to find ways to return the “human flesh” of masks to the country and contribute to the support of the epidemic.

When it was learned that most hospitals in the country lacked important medical supplies and the medical staff were “stunning”, the compatriots who were concerned about the motherland were in a state of anxiety and immediately organized fundraising. Considering that the situation is urgent, materials first, life first, Ye Jiwen, president of the Huake German Alumni Association, decided to adopt another plan. At the first time, do n’t put limited energy on fundraising, but first advance funds to buy The supply of goods has won precious time for nearly a week.
With the development of the epidemic, masks, goggles, and protective clothing are becoming more and more difficult to buy overseas. Master Yu, the tour guide, usually does not have a high income. Sometimes, it was difficult to snap up a large box of N95 masks. The price was particularly expensive at that time. Only three of the three stayed, and the rest were donated.

What is moving is that the overseas Chinese who participated in the support operations were organized spontaneously, and without hesitation, generously helped and helped. Many overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese adjust the biological clock to “Beijing time” and act quickly. A lump sum of funds and a box of “Australia’s refueling! Hubei refueling! China refueling!” Aid materials, loaded with the concerns of the overseas Chinese from all over the world, are sent to all parts of Hubei through various channels.

Mr. Ying, a Shanghai citizen, talked about one of his personal experiences: Once he changed boarding passes at Frankfurt Airport, Germany, a gentleman found him and wanted to ask him to bring parcels to the country. It turned out that he was the chairman of the European Shanghai Association of Societies Gong Liming. Because domestic supplies were in a hurry, he temporarily came to the airport with a suitcase. Mr. Ying was a little hesitant at first, and his long-term travel experience told him that bringing goods to strangers was quite taboo. But when he learned that the box contained anti-epidemic materials, and that the Chinese and overseas Chinese tried every means to buy them from various German towns at any cost, Mr. Ying was deeply moved and did not hesitate to answer the other party’s request.

Gong Liming said that his power is too meager, but after giving it, he feels “hearted and relieved.” Only “the good domestic is the overseas Chinese, the domestic is strong, and the biggest benefit is our overseas Chinese. “

Although he is in a foreign country, he cannot change his sincere heart for the motherland. Although far away from the ocean, but one heart.
As the saying goes, Jushachengta has great love and joins hands to overcome the difficulties!
Director of this episode: Liu Wei
Episode ninth
When I wrote this note, the number of people suffering from the new coronavirus has exceeded 4 million, and it is still increasing at a rate of 70,000 to 80,000 every day. It has surged 1 million patients in just 10 days. Obviously, in this medical battle against time, the Chinese surrendered the answer sheet as quickly as possible, and completed the isolation and resumption of production in two months. But looking at the world, what kind of world is behind the surge in numbers?
We have connected overseas Chinese who are scattered around the world. They come from the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Iran and other countries. We asked: Are you all over the world, how are you?

These overseas travellers are no exception. From the beginning, they were worried about China’s epidemic situation, and airborne masks and other anti-epidemic materials were sent to the country. Instead, they had to face their own severe epidemic environment.
He Tingting, an overseas Chinese in the United States, said, “The U.S. government has despised the new coronavirus from the beginning and believes that, like ordinary flu, it has not learned the successful experience of the Chinese national defense epidemic in time.

Travel blogger Liu Weilong’s experience is very special. He arrived in Iran in mid-January. Before the trip began, the epidemic came and all plans were disrupted. Iran ’s medical and health conditions are limited and the disease is spreading rapidly. To make matters worse, he cannot return to his country.
Until March 9, 52 days after being trapped in the hotel, he finally received the news of the Chinese embassy’s charter flight home. He used his mobile phone to record every moment on his way home. He said that from the plane that boarded China Southern Airlines to the hotel where he returned home, the most heard was “Welcome home.”

Remember the video of the Italian people singing Chinese national anthem on the balcony in early March, detonating the circle of friends? Fei Yue, a young soprano singer in Luyi, gave us a description of the scene of Rome that day, “When the” Volunteer March “outside the window sounded, all the people sang the national anthem and applauded. It felt like Wuhan at the time. When the whole of Italy was not isolated, the Chinese government came and the Chinese government sent the best medical team to support Italy. “

As of April 23, China has provided anti-epidemic assistance to 139 countries and donated US $ 50 million to the World Health Organization. Because of empathy, and even more because humanity is a community of shared destiny. China sent experts, exchanged experiences, shared plans, donated materials, and carried out joint research and development. A series of “hard-core” initiatives showed the attitude and style of a big country. They also reassured overseas wanderers and told them not to be afraid.

100 years ago, the “1918 flu” swept the world. In the era of underdeveloped medicine, people were being followed by unknown beasts in the jungle. But history left people with not only fear and death, but also the importance that countries around the world attach to the public health system’s emergency response capabilities.
One hundred years later, we met with the New Corona Virus in a narrow path. How can the international community watch and help each other to jointly relay this borderless epidemic?

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