Have you chosen the right method for cancer treatment?

Tumor is one of the most important diseases leading to human death. At present, the treatment of tumor mainly includes surgical therapy (operation), drug therapy (chemotherapy), radiotherapy (radiotherapy), traditional Chinese medicine treatment, modern minimally invasive treatment and biological treatment. What kind of treatment to choose is the biggest puzzle in the hearts of many cancer patients and their families.
There was a patient who found a nodule in both upper lungs a year ago and suspected early lung cancer. Thoracoscopic resection of the left upper lung was adenocarcinoma of the lung. It was a pity that his voice became hoarse after the operation. When the right upper lung nodule grew up, he thought of radiotherapy. If patients choose radiotherapy at the beginning, the two lesions can be effectively destroyed at the same time without sequelae.
It’s really hard to say a word about the choice of tumor treatment. Cancer treatment is a comprehensive treatment, especially in the middle and advanced stage of cancer, it is difficult to obtain the best curative effect only by one means; Tumor treatment is also individualized treatment, with different stages, tumor location and size, and different treatment schemes. Most of the patients have limited understanding of the progress of medical technology, and can only listen to the doctor’s recommendation methods. Doctors in various professions are basically familiar with and confident in their own field of professional technology, and rarely recommend other methods that they can solve.
Professor Xia Tingyi, general consultant of Beijing Huaxia intensive Radiology, said that once the patient unfortunately suffers from cancer, the patient and his family members should keep a clear and rational mind. According to the specialist’s advice, do a good job in imaging, cytology and other aspects of the relevant examination, according to the location of the tumor, nature, staging, classification to determine the most safe and effective treatment methods and treatment procedures. Among them, understanding the characteristics of tumor is the key to choose the right treatment.

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