Gorbachev: the world is facing a serious crisis because of the novel coronavirus pandemic

Mikhail gorbachev, former President of the Soviet union, said that because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the world is in a serious crisis, spiritual leaders play a very important role, I hope that these people can take this responsibility, for example, Pope John Paul ii is one of them, should follow his example.He is “our contemporary to this day”.

Gorbachev marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pope John Paul ii with an article for the Vatican newspaper, the observer of Rome.

Gorbachev believed: “the world is going through hard times.It makes special demands on everyone, especially politicians.The role of the spiritual leader is great and responsible.I hope they will follow the inspiring example of Pope John Paul ii and take up this responsibility.He is our contemporary to this day.”

In gorbachev’s view, the most important thing in national politics is human security and creating a good life for everyone in the world.”Under the circumstances, we have to reconsider,” he said.I believe that the holy see today would also call for the demilitarization of international relations and political thought and for a reduction in military spending.”

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