Good weight management, people will be more confident, there are many benefits

Weight loss has become a daily life topic. Many stars are keen to lose weight in order to maintain their own image. Indeed, being too fat will affect their self-confidence and health. Obesity will directly lead to overweight. After the weight management, not only the appearance becomes beautiful, but also many benefits. Here is a brief introduction.

  1. Liver becomes healthy
    Obesity causes fatty liver more likely, many obese people will appear mild or moderate fatty liver, if not control the development of fatty liver, it is likely to develop to cirrhosis, or even cancer. When we manage weight scientifically, the liver can also gradually become healthy. Due to the occult incidence of fatty liver disease, Zhonghuan health calls for regular physical examination for obese people, while Hong Kong physical examination institutions have special liver disease examination to deeply understand the liver health status from various aspects.
  2. Control blood pressure
    There are many causes of hypertension, including obesity. Previous studies have confirmed that the higher the weight, the greater the risk of blood pressure. If it is caused by obesity, normal blood pressure can be achieved through weight management, lifestyle changes and other ways. There are other factors that can cause high blood pressure, it is recommended to carry out relevant examinations and necessary treatment or conditioning. We must not underestimate high blood pressure, it will damage the heart, brain, kidney and other organs of patients, which can be called the “invisible killer” of health.
  3. Make your heart healthy
    Obese people are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases due to their heavy heart burden, such as atherosclerotic heart disease and ischemic cardiomyopathy. So when we control our weight, our heart will become healthier. Central Health reminds us that regular physical examination is also important. Some Hong Kong physical examination institutions use exercise electrocardiogram, coronary angiography and calcification score to understand heart health problems.
  4. Relieve pain of arthritis
    Obesity will aggravate the burden of joint aspects. According to some studies, most obese people are more likely to have knee, spine and foot joint diseases. After weight management, arthritis improved. Of course, there are many factors that cause arthritis. Obesity is just one of them, and it needs to be analyzed by professionals.
    Obesity will make health “riddled with holes”, so good weight management can avoid being disturbed by many diseases. Some Hong Kong physical examination institutions will carry out professional inspection and give reasonable weight management suggestions, so as to achieve the ideal effect of weight management.

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