Excessive drinking water hurts the kidney, ten thousand steps a day to destroy joints!

Do not know from when to start, the people around began to pay attention to health, health care up, and will through a variety of channels and ways to understand some knowledge of physical health, health care, this itself is a good thing, but many people are “good do bad”, not only did not raise a good body, but the health was damaged!

Have you followed these widely circulated “fake health regimen”?

  1. Drink plenty of water

A lot of people talk about drinking more water, stomach pain – drink hot water, stomach pain – drink more water, skin acne – drink more water, yellow face or drink more hot water, as if drinking water can cure all the diseases of the body, but the fact is not the case.

The first thing to know is that drinking water is a good thing for your body. It meets your body’s needs, boosts your metabolism, and reduces the chance of your blood becoming sticky, but it can be dangerous to drink too much, or too much, in the short term.

Why do you say that?

As we all know, when the water enters the body, in addition to be absorbed by the blood and other body parts, part of this need through the kidney run processing, the final out, in the form of urine and kidney for maximum diuresis speed of about 16 ml per minute, but in general the human body to discharge per hour in 800-1000 ml of urine, if you are drinking water quantity in this range, basic is no problem, but if too much water in the short term, it is easy to “beyond” working ability of the kidneys, excess water to be timely eduction body outside, so that a large number of enter cells,
Leading to hyponatremia, or what we call “water poisoning.”
Don’t be fooled by water poisoning. It’s a very dangerous thing for the brain.

How much water is appropriate to drink every day?
The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents suggest that adults should drink about 1500-1700 milliliters of water a day, but it should be noted that this does not simply refer to the amount of water, but also includes the daily water content of fruits, soup and porridge, for your reference.

Day walk ten thousand steps in good health

Could 10,000 steps a day make your body feel better?
Not necessarily!

Some people may walk ten thousand steps a day, there may be a lot of benefits, for the elderly group, blind excessive exercise makes the gradually aging knee wear more serious, followed by meniscus wear, synovial fluid shutdown, inflammation and other problems.

In fact, walking ten thousand steps a day does not mean that we must walk ten thousand steps a day, but it is suggested that we should exercise properly every day, but do not blindly pursue the amount of exercise, it is best to arrange the exercise project reasonably according to their own physique and actual situation.

  1. Eat a light diet without meat

Three tenors is a common chronic disease of the middle-aged and old people, and your doctor will remind patients eat greasy, spicy stimulate food less, eat more fruits and vegetables, but time is long, many people ignore the word “eat less” automatically, especially for meat food, that is a all dare not to touch, they have to eat special light, but it is not right.
Less meat does not mean no meat, the doctor’s so-called real light diet, generally refers to cooking, cooking to less salt, less oil, and eat less hot pepper, hemp pepper, star anise and other spicy seasonings, while the taste slant some light can.
However, be sure to reasonably mix good nutrients, such as vitamins, protein and dietary fiber, should be appropriate intake.
Not to say that every meal will be to the point of simple food, boiled vegetables.

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