Drinking tea to lose weight?

In April, the temperature continues to warm, some seasonal vegetables, spring tea season on the market, at the same time, there are a lot of rumors about them, such as “eating ferns will cause cancer”, tea can “purify the intestines and detoxify”, “lose weight” and so on.
None of this is true.

1 leek can relieve constipation?
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Myth: leek is a seasonal vegetable in spring, folk eating leek can relieve constipation.

The truth: some people think that eating leek can relieve constipation, is to feel leek hard to chew, dietary fiber.
But in fact, the dietary fiber content of leek is not outstanding, only 1.8g/100g, not as good as amaranth and celery leaves.
The reason is difficult to chew, because the dietary fiber in leek is mainly insoluble, chewing laborious, easy to plug teeth.

  1. Do ferns cause cancer?
    Too exaggerated

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Myth: Ferns are also a common wild vegetable, and some say they cause cancer.

The truth: Fan Zhihong, an associate professor of nutrition and food safety at China Agricultural University’s College of Food Science, told the Beijing News that studies have shown that fern extracts have carcinogenic effects, but the presence of carcinogens does not mean they cause cancer.
According to the dietary habits of the Chinese people, people will only occasionally eat a few times a year of fern, intake is less, and no big problem.

  1. Drinking tea to detox and lose weight?

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Myth: Fresh tea leaves hit the market around Tomb Sweeping Day. There are online claims that “drinking tea can detoxify” and “drinking tea can help break down fat”.

Truth: Ruan Guangfeng, director of the science and technology department of the Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, told the Beijing News that the amount of fat in a person’s body will not be reduced by drinking tea, and there is no clinical evidence that drinking tea accelerates the decomposition of fat.
Second, “tea detox” is a marketing gimmick.
‘Our skin, respiratory and digestive systems form our body’s defence systems, keeping many toxic and harmful substances out.
The immune system recognizes foreign substances in the body and removes them.
The liver and kidneys act as filtration systems, filtering out the waste products that enter the bloodstream and the body’s metabolism.
So, nothing you drink will help you clear your bowels and detoxify.”

  1. Cyclamate teratogenic?

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Myth: Zero-sugar drinks have been trending recently, with the related sweetener cyclamate also causing controversy, with some claiming that it has carcinogenic, teratogenic, kidney damage and other side effects.

Truth: Ruan Guangfeng said that from the perspective of food safety risk assessment, cyclists have sufficient risk assessment results, and their sweetness is very high, and it is difficult to achieve harmful intake through normal daily diet.

“The FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) has established an ADI of 11mg/kg BW.
“This means that an adult weighing 60kg May consume no more than 660mg of cyclists a day without any risk to their health.”

  1. “Qingming sugarcane, poison snake”?
    Normal sugar cane is fine

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Rumor: Around the Qingming Festival is the last period for sugarcane to go on the market. For sugarcane in this period, there is a saying that “Qingming Festival sugarcane poisons the snake”.

Truth: Zhao Lichao, a professor at the Department of Food Science at South China Agricultural University, refuted the rumor on Tencent’s science platform.
He said that around Tomb-Sweeping Day, the temperature rises and the air is moist, which is suitable for mold growth. Sugarcane is rich in sugar, which is easy to breed mold.
The sugar cane infected with mold will produce a neurotoxin called trinitropropionic acid, which is a certain threat to human health, but normal sugar cane can be safely eaten.

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