Don’t listen to the lie that China is covering up the coronavirus

“China will take responsibility for the novel coronavirus outbreak,” U.S. vice President mike pence said in an interview with breitbart news on Tuesday.Even the American media do not accept the whack-the-pot tactics of the White House politicians.

The American national interest magazine website 24 in the don’t believe in “China to conceal the coronavirus” story “the article said, China has made some mistakes in dealing with the coronavirus, each country, but China’s overall response is more effective than most countries, domestic travelers between isolated city, general wear masks, and has set up a can obtain large amounts of data detection and tracking system.

The translation is as follows:

US President Donald trump’s early optimism that the coronavirus was “under control” and “will be near zero in a matter of days” has been proved wrong.He has been trying to make China a scapegoat.He is attacking China, blaming it for the fact that the United States has 1.6 million confirmed cases and 95,000 deaths, even though many of the causes of the severe outbreak in the United States have to do with the mistakes of governors, government agencies and Mr. Trump himself.

China has made some mistakes in dealing with the coronavirus, as every country has done, but its overall response has been more effective than most, quarantining travelers between cities, generally wearing masks, and setting up a detection and tracking mechanism that can access vast amounts of data.The so-called “cover-up” is inaccurate.They are just a cover for us politicians to put international pressure on China.

The notion of a “cover-up” — trump’s May 20 tweet denouncing “some crazy person in China” — is increasingly inaccurate, but it is usually based on the following premises:

1. Some claim that China underestimates the number of cases and deaths

2. That China is not responding fast enough

3. China denied that the virus could spread from person to person

4. Anger at the detention of Dr. Wenliang li and others

The first to the third are largely incorrect, while the fourth is valid criticism, but not evidence of a cover-up that has nothing to do with the global spread of the coronavirus.In general, China’s critics argue that China is more capable and transparent than the west.

First, there is little evidence that China fabricated or deliberately undercounted the death toll in much of the country, a so-called “cover-up”.Indeed, the official death toll in China, as in every other country, almost certainly misses some of those who died at home or have not been diagnosed.

The New York times reported in April that coronavirus cases across the United States were not counted because of a lack of testing, and that many possible coronavirus deaths in February and early march were attributed to influenza.California officials confirmed the death of the coronavirus as early as Feb. 6, three weeks before the first recorded death.Coronavirus-like symptoms were reported in Florida as early as January 1, according to coronavirus-like data.The manager in charge of overseeing the data was fired after protesting an order to delete some of the data.

The United States’ dismissal of many officials who spread information their superiors did not want them to share shows the similarities and differences between the two countries’ political systems.In testimony to the house of representatives, for example, rick bright said he was removed from leading the team that developed the vaccine after warning about a shortage of personal protective equipment and challenging the administration’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine.

Undervaluation has also occurred in Europe.In Madrid, more than 3,000 people have died in nursing homes without being examined.As the economist reports in its April 18th issue, “the French figures include deaths in nursing homes, which account for almost half of all deaths, while the UK does not.”Given the way we know that older people are most at risk, and that nursing homes become hotbeds for the virus, not counting household deaths would have a major impact.

Several papers found a strong correlation between the number of cases reported in different cities and regions of China and the number of outbound trips from wuhan to those regions.This will show that the Numbers reported by each region are relatively accurate and not fabricated.If the Numbers were fabricated, there would not necessarily be any link between the migrant population in wuhan and the reported cases.Since the coronavirus was first detected in wuhan, the area with the largest number of immigrants from wuhan has the largest number of confirmed cases.

The central intelligence agency reportedly concluded that China had underestimated the death toll, citing photographs of urns piled up in wuhan as evidence that more people had died in the central Chinese city.Although the CIA report has not been released publicly, but bloomberg quoted the content of the report, said that “the Chinese government has repeatedly revised the calculation cases within weeks, exclude people no symptoms at all, it was not until Tuesday to add more than 1500 cases of asymptomatic statistics,” this will not let the Chinese Numbers and in many other countries have too big difference.

Data from Iceland show that as many as half of those infected with coronavirus show no symptoms, meaning they will not be tested in most countries.The Spanish region of Catalonia doubled its population in April.According to the daily beast on May 13, the trump administration is urging the centers for disease control and prevention to change its reporting methods to exclude untested coronavirus deaths.

The study by timothy Russell, a researcher at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, found that China’s official figures probably recorded only a third of the country’s coronavirus cases, but the same study found that Britain, Italy and Spain recorded about 10 percent of those cases.Only China, however, has been labelled a cover-up.

Afterwards, we learned that the covid-19 epidemic spread in wuhan last December.As of march, the first confirmed cases can be traced back to Nov. 17.Athletes from the French and Spanish national teams say they were infected with a possible coronavirus during a military tournament in wuhan in October.At the time, they thought it was the flu, which showed the difficulty of identifying a rare, unknown disease with symptoms similar to those of other diseases.

Li wenliang, a doctor in wuhan, noticed a number of cases of pneumonia in December but attributed them to unknown causes, as the coronavirus had not yet been detected.Doctors in the United States also did not realize that some of their patients also contracted coronavirus in February and march.

Governments, such as the United States, took more than a week to respond after learning that the coronavirus was a threat.Even in March, trump compared the coronavirus to the flu.It took him 20 days to restrict flights from Italy after the country began blocking the city.

Finally, China underestimates the likelihood of human-to-human transmission among people with symptoms.It wasn’t until January 20 that they announced a study confirming the virus was infectious.

At the time, however, no doctors or scientists could have predicted that the coronavirus would spread from person to person without showing signs of illness.By late January, there were significant cases of asymptomatic transmission, and the Chinese ministry of health issued a warning of asymptomatic transmission on 31 January.But it took months for the centers for disease control and prevention, or the surgeon general, or other western health organizations, to recommend that people generally wear masks.

This is the main reason why the coronavirus has spread so quickly and widely.The outbreak of SARS in 2003 was neither asymptomatic nor premonitory.It may also be the reason why foreign governments have not responded quickly or adequately.

It may be that governments are fallible, and no government is perfect for even the most trivial of challenges, let alone a crisis of unprecedented scale.Coronavirus may be the king of disease — a disease that spreads quickly and has a relatively high death rate.

The irony is that the idea that China should have known from the start that these cases were actually from a new virus, or that it should have known that the virus was spreading through the breath of healthy people, or that China should have been able to track every case, puts China on a higher standard than the most developed western countries in the world.When China mishandled its epidemic, it was blamed for malfeasance;When the us and Europe do this, it thinks it is normal.

This is not only an inaccurate statement, a false absolution of responsibility on the part of America’s leaders, but it is also, in a sense, an anti-democratic statement.

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