Detection of tramadol and talenin for hair toxicity and analgesics

This is a hair test report for tramadol. Tramadol’s “brother” is talenin, and the third is diphenoxylate tablets. These three drugs are often abused and addictive. The reason why difenoxate tablets rank the third is that the abusers will give priority to tramadol or talenin. When they can’t find the eldest and the second, they can only abuse the third.
On September 1, 2019, talenin was listed in the management of psychotropic drugs, and illegal abuse is drug abuse. That is to say, the drug can only be obtained if the doctor prescribes it.
This report was collected by parents who worried about their children’s abuse of tramadol and let us test it. We suggest that this parent, if he does the same test, also take talenin with him. Other common drugs are also tested. Test one drug and test 10 drugs. The price is the same. After all, if you turn on the device, you can measure more, and the power consumption is the same.
In the early days, I saw “Daoyou” (heroin users) communicating on the Internet more than once. If I want to quit heroin, I’m afraid I’ll feel sick when I quit, so I’ll use tramadol to support me. In fact, the “Dao you” who does this is likely to become addicted to tramadol by stopping heroin.
If you see an unpacked tablet at home and worry that it is tramadol or talenin, you can directly use the device to detect whether there are these two components in the tablet.
There is a simple way to initially determine whether relatives and friends are touching such drugs. Stop taking these drugs, people will be uncomfortable, then you can travel with this relative for 3 days. When you go out, you should carefully check the suitcase and clothes, because drugs may be hidden. When you become addicted, you will feel uncomfortable and take them out. You can’t drive because you may put the medicine in the corner of the car. If three days is not uncomfortable, it means that there is no drug abuse. If it is uncomfortable, it will reach the peak of discomfort the next night, unable to sleep, tossing and turning, leg pain and arm pain, so it can be preliminarily concluded that the recent abuse of such drugs.
We green orange ribbon detoxification network, we have a number of cooperative laboratories, in order to test the accuracy, according to your requirements to do testing, can also be multiple laboratories at the same time after testing comparison.

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